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Mid-America Piano - Steinway & Sons

1900 Steinway Grand Piano

Model A

Mahogany | Satin Finish

Ice Cream Cone Legs | 6’1” | $36,800

Mid-America Piano owns a collection of rare, vintage Steinway pianos with some dating back to the 1800s. All pianos are restored to perfection to showcase their unique features as they once were.

Featured here is a meticulously restored 1900 Steinway Model A grand piano with stylish ice cream cone legs. As the 1800’s came to a close and grand visions of a new century were on the horizon, you will find many of the finest instruments handcrafted during these days. This work of art is no exception, as there is intricate detail throughout. The music rack, pedal lyre, and other accent points of the piano are embellished with scrolling and fine carvings.

The footprint of this 6’1” long and 5 feet wide Steinway grand makes a statement that fills a room with the sound of luxury. While it’s deep read mahogany finish brings a warmth and sophistication to the space.

From professional concert halls to family living rooms, people have been using Steinway pianos for generations—and with good reason. With their commitment to creating the best instruments on the market, even used Steinway pianos offer an unmistakably rich sound and a lasting value.

Whether you enjoy jazz, classical or other musical genre, this instrument has great versatility, and a wide breadth of tonal colors. The piano is truly a delight to play! From the most soothing pianissimos to more boisterous passages, you get the whole tonal spectrum here.

Located centrally in the U.S., Mid-America Piano specializes in vintage Steinway grands and other like-new top tier pianos since 1986. Offering nationwide delivery, they have served clients in all of the lower 48 states, as well as Europe, Africa and Asia. Find everything from sleek, polished ebony grand pianos to one-of-a-kind historic instruments.

Should you choose to let the piano make the music for you, a state-of-the-art player system can be installed, complete with full background accompaniment. Experience favorite artists singing in your living room with their band, while the piano plays along. Be amazed at how technology has propelled the piano into the 21st Century!

Fill that vacant spot in your home with a piano that plays the sound of luxury.

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