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Mountain Hub Gourmet: Sumptuous and Delectable Food by Design

Found in the Hilton Munich Airport is a culinary experience like no other. Mountain Hub Gourmet is dining at its best and one to be savored in style. For this reason, Luxury Lifestyle Awards is presenting the Mountain Hub Gourmet with an award for Best Luxury Fine Dining in Germany 2022.

With Chef Stefan Barnhusen at the reigns of the Micheline Star Mountain Hub Gourmet, he leads an enthusiastic team of vibrant culinary professionals that are willing to push the boundaries of the dining experience. Making sure to go the extra mile, they create an atmosphere that is perfect for guests wanting to partake in lavish indulgence while nestled in supreme comfort.

Chef Stefan Barnhusen and his team at Mountain Hub Gourmet will transport you into a magical world consisting of an extravagant palate of flavors and wonderous creations of art with his authentic and original cuisine that pays homage to the local dishes of alpine cuisine.

With the dining experience being so much more than just taste, Chef Stefan Barnhusen creates an ornate feast for the eyes. Presenting each dish with pinpoint precision and artistic flair, created by the quintessential balance of color. Setting the stage for every aroma, the aroma of the dish will carry you away before it even comes into sight. Every single flavor is complimented by the texture of the hand-selected ingredients, and it almost seems a shame to have to dismantle these works of art that have been created.

For Chef Stefan Barnhusen and his team at the Mountain Hub Gourmet, the diversity of their menus arises from more than just the mouthwatering ingredients that they are presented with, but also from the enjoyment and freedom to make use of all techniques, whether it be modern or classic. Refusing to be categorized under a single genre, Mountain Hub Gourmet uses a combination of all its techniques to infuse the dish at hand with the flavor needed to highlight the soul of their dishes.

In the unique combinations famous to the Mountain Hub Gourmet a harmonious composition of an unmatched culinary masterclass is presented. “We at the Mountain Hub Gourmet are honored to accept this award from the professionals at Luxury Lifestyle Awards and I feel immensely overjoyed that we can create a dining experience for our guests worthy of such recognition,” says Chef Stefan Barnhusen, Head Chef of Mountain Hub Gourmet.

If you would like to find out more about Mountain Hub Gourmet, you can visit their website at


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