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Old Bull Lee: Menswear for On The Road and Beyond

True quality is self-evident. It’s palpable. Visceral. Unmistakable.

In this case, perhaps it’s the stylish European prints, the heavy oversized buttons, or simply the ephemeral and effortless feel of the quality materials.

Old Bull Lee is the creation of architect Lee Johnson, menswear that is a testament to the belief that quality is greater than the sum of its parts. The garments are dyed and printed by craftsmen and cut and sewn by specialists. Every element has been carefully chosen for both form and function. And because Old Bull Lee believes that greatness comes with patience, perseverance and practice, for the first five years of its existence the brand focused on perfecting just one product: men’s shorts.

Traditionally synonymous within the realm of sports, men’s shorts are now firmly established common summer attire. Yet they are notoriously difficult to get right. The length, cut and material all play a key role in the perception of shorts as a

stylish and suitable wardrobe choice. “Making garments is about a lot of things, but the pattern is at the heart of it all,” says Johnson. “Our patterns go through revision after revision before they go into production. Our intent is not to be trendy, instead it is to stand the test of time.” The Old Bull Lee collection has recently been expanded to includes dress shirts and boardshorts, all made to the same exacting standards.

Old Bull Lee may be rooted in the culture and lifestyle of Manhattan Beach, but its versatile collection is best described as East Coast preppy meets, edgy SoCal cool. The prints are disarming, yet sophisticated. The button-down shirts are cotton and timeless, that can be worn in a range of settings. The solid colors embraced by many of the garments, says Johnson, “We use very high quality fabrics, over a few seasons a lot of our garments get better with time and start to feel like butter” Old Bull Lee is commitment to making things in the USA and a quality for the sake of quality that is beyond reproach.

To find out more about Old Bull Lee and view its collection, visit


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