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One&Only Resorts Mandarina - Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Experience the undisturbed, awe-inspiring natural setting of One&Only Mandarina. A hidden retreat in Riviera Nayarit, with palm-fringed sands, swimmable shores and an energetic environment crafted for reconnection.

Emerald cliffs, lush coastal rainforest, soft white sands, and warm, life-filled ocean. One&Only Mandarina invites you to feel effortlessly glamorous at their rare haven in nature, Here&Now.

The energy, joy and color of Mexico’s culture is celebrated throughout One&Only, from the resort’s striking architecture to its soothing interiors. Find out about the visionary artisans and artists who have elevated their design, fusing traditional methods and a modern outlook to breathtaking effect.

Blessed with natural beauty in abundance, One&Only Mandarina is immersed in Mexican culture. Great measures were taken when designing the eco-conscious retreat to ensure the pristine Riviera Nayarit remained untouched.

Studio Rick Joy reflects on the design and construction process: “Our designs naturally attune with the views, light, activity and atmosphere created by the hundreds of hues of greens that stimulate all the senses from foreground to horizon.”

“Our process was narrated not just by the hundreds of years’ old trees and vegetation but also the pre-Hispanic history and artifacts on site – so much so that it became necessary that the roads be constructed to divert disturbance and a great weaving take place throughout the site to preserve as much as possible,” says Studio Rick Joy. “Our intent is that those who visit, will sense the rare ancient timelessness of nature and uniqueness of this place.”

Just as the edifices are at one with the surroundings, within the resort design pieces, furniture and furnishings showcase artisanal makers and local creators. Adding an exciting new chapter to Mexico’s ever-evolving design story, many of One&Only Mandarina’s featured artists and designers fuse traditional, time-honored techniques with the latest technology and a modern outlook.

Marybel Rodriguez, Director of Interior Design for RLH Properties, says: “Mexican design is characterised by its strong craft culture, makers’ traditions, vibrant colors that evoke emotions, local hand-crafting traditions and unique cultural identity. Mexico’s latest generation of artists offers new interpretations of long-lasting traditions through unexpected mediums. They use local crafts to reinterpret cultural identity, employing color and craft within new creations, maintaining the culture’s essence. One&Only Mandarina aims to showcase this wave of new talent, which reflects not only tradition and history, but also the future of art-making and craftsmanship in Mexico.”

Situated in a volcanic rock garden, the One&Only Spa is framed by expressions of sacred geometry created by Huicholes, an indigenous community of Riviera Nayarit. With a layout based on an eight-point star, the spa represents the Huichol vision of rebirth, renewal and spiritual regeneration. Each corner represents a different element: fire for the Temazcal; water for wet areas; earth for the spa entrance; air and body for the treatment rooms; spirit for the ocean; mind for the equilibrium pavilion; and soul for the vitality area.

Built completely in tune with the natural world, One&Only Mandarina is inspired by a respect for the restorative power of the nature. After a full day of adventure sink into complete relaxation in a mud bath, refresh in natural springs and unwind in saunas and steam rooms that look into the jungle. Walk away feeling soothed, energized and nurtured by the natural world.

Appealing to every sense, the treats continue in the bathroom, thanks to Xinú’s bespoke bath products. Inspired by the resort, the signature scent is ‘Brisa de Maderas’ (Driftwood Breeze), a marriage of marine freshness and varied woody notes including cedar and patchouli.\

With curated the ultimate itinerary for couples, One&Only Mandarina combines three days of pampering, private dining, and pulse-racing adventures across Riviera Nayarit.

In this sprawling wild setting, adventures unfold around every corner. Whether wandering off into the canopy, discovering the best surf spots or sampling local spirits and natural wines - an exciting and welcome sense of the unknown awaits.


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