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Created™ Hardwood - Embodiment of Nature

Nestled among the rolling hills of northeastern Ohio, Created™ Hardwood’s Midwest manufacturing facility begins each day with a moment of reflection, drawing inspiration for its products from its surroundings. The passing seasons provide a subtle and sometimes harsh reminder of the ephemeral quality of life, and the need to cherish every day and every gift that nature has to offer.

In 1978, Created™ Founder Dwain Hicks started a company that manufactured, sold and distributed stair parts. Nearly 40 years later his passion continued to grow into solid wood furniture. What was so intriguing to Dwain, was that every piece of wood looked so different and unique. The conditions of where each tree grew contributed to the personality of each piece of wood. He eventually sold his stair company and put his whole heart into his new dream, Created™ Hardwood. With the help of his sons and team of highly skilled craftsman, Created™ Hardwood is emerging as a new leader in the field.

Each piece of wood that’s harvested, processed and passed from their hands to yours is a transfixed embodiment of nature in its purest form. Melding traditional craftsmanship with the tenets of modern design, Created™ Hardwood strives to combine superior raw materials with thoughtful purpose, producing furnishings unmatched in quality and beauty, built to last a lifetime. Purity. Balance. Restraint. These three words drive the design of all of their products, from the cut of the wood to the finish of the hardware. Created™ Hardwood was founded on showcasing the most beautiful raw materials available with the purest expressions possible. They believe that their products are best served without the distraction of adornments or contrivances and that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. They carry that mantra from the drawing board to their showroom floor with every piece produced. They view each piece of wood that enters the shop as a treasured gift rather than a commodity to be taken for granted.

As a company that relies on quality labor and materials, Created™ is proudly U.S.A. made and locally sources both whenever possible. They view each piece of wood that enters the shop as a treasured gift rather than a commodity to be taken for granted.

Their tables form the foundation of their product line, and are equally at home in the dining room, office, living room, and kitchen. The massive solid tops strike an uncommon balance of rawness and refinement, and meld seamlessly with traditional, modern, or transitional decor. Their proprietary bases are designed to complement any style without distracting from the beauty of the tops.

Created™ also offers a comprehensive line of furnishings for just about every room in both commercial and residential settings. Their semi-custom process offers lots of opportunities to collaborate with us on the perfect piece for your next furniture project and their in-house design team is ready to bring your vision to reality.

In addition to their line of home furnishings, Created™ offers a line of accessories that showcase the same hand-selected solid slabs that are used in the larger furniture. When it comes to wood, they believe there’s no such thing as “scrap”, and they strive to put each piece that enters their shop to its best use.

Whether it’s your central statement piece or the next complementary addition to your space, Created™ Hardwood looks forward to working with you and sharing with you the joy and satisfaction the created line of products brings to us.


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