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Thirteen lushly planted acres in a desert climate is probably the most defining and remembered quality of one’s stay here. Sense of place is shaped by walking these planted paths beneath arches of green, through tunnels of hedgerow that periodically open up to the spread of a lawn, the shade of a tree, a cluster of tall pampas grass or a court of palms.

A fire circle, a tiled fountain, fruit trees and herb gardens -- hammocks, strung between palm trees, hidden niches -- just some of the

finds along the way. Whether exploring the entire weave of walkways throughout the property or simply following the path that takes you

from your room to breakfast at Norma’s, a drink at the MiniBar or a poolside chaise, they are their own suspended moments -- sometimes heavy with scent in the night air, bright with morning sun over-head, or thick with the heat of late afternoon.


dining in the desert:

The Historic Landmark was built in 1927 and was owned by the owners of the famous Desert Inn which was The hotel in the Valley. Many grand parties were held in the house for guests such as Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and many more. It was a favorite place for General Patton when he was based in Palm Springs to stage the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.Later on, when the restaurant was established it became a favorite place for Presidents and the Hollywood elite. The renowned patio lined with Giant Fichus trees is THE place to dine. The Patio is cooled in the Summer and heated in the Winter.



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