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Panda Doors & Windows - The Art of Luxury Glass

“Most windows and doors are manufactured to look like dull and lifeless features, but at Panda we design beautiful pieces of functional glass that perform as well as they look.” CEO and Founder, Avi Shoshan, established Panda Windows & Doors in 1991 in Las Vegas, Nevada with a goal to create beautiful pieces of functional glass that perform as well as they look.

Avi and his team at Panda designed, manufactured, and delivered its first aluminum framed folding door to a remodeled custom home located in Downtown Las Vegas. As design trends evolved and architects became interested in designing large moveable openings, Panda found its niche market and began designing and engineering state-of-the-art custom glass wall systems that cater to the needs of both residential and commercial markets.

30 years later, in 2020 Panda opened new Panda exclusive showrooms in Orange County, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, with a San Francisco showroom location opening soon and nearly 100 new Panda dealers coming online across North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Panda has continued to grow as homeowners are spending more time in their homes and creating luxurious, vacation at home spaces.

An upgrade from traditional patio doors, Panda doors leave a big impression while offering homeowners an easy transition from the indoor to the outdoor world. Each Panda door system is custom designed, engineered, and fabricated in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Moving glass wall systems essentially blend the beauty of windows with the functionality of doors. Tracks can be curved or straight, making it easy to work with irregularly shaped spaces. Walls can be designed and installed at a 90-degree angle, allowing the chance to incorporate two walls instead of one. Panda systems are not only beautiful they are also durable, energy efficient, and offer unmatched performance in any weather.

For a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces, Panda Folding Doors are the perfect design choice. Also referred to as a bi-fold doors or accordion doors, these innovative Folding Doors feature a proprietary top-hung design that allows individual panels to stack or “fold” against one another on either side or both sides of the door frame. When fully open, the stacked door panels provide a 90% unobstructed view of the outdoor space beyond.

Blur the lines between interior and exterior living spaces with Panda Multi-Slide Doors. Also known as sliding doors or telescoping doors, Multi-Slide glass door systems are ideal for opening up large expanses. Panels can slide to one or both sides of the opening, and our pocket-door designs can hide the individual door panels entirely from view. The number of panels included in one system is virtually unlimited. make Panda’s Multi-Slide Door Systems a popular choice for both commercial and residential projects.

For a minimalist elegance that offers breathtaking, unobstructed views, Panda Windows & Doors presents the award-winning TS.X0 Multi-Slide glass door system. Featuring immersive, oversized sliding glass panels with ultra slim profiles measuring less than one inch across, the extensively tested TS.X0 offers unbeatable clarity and unobstructed views of any landscape. Leverage the style-rich craftsmanship of TS.X0 sliding doors to redefine modern living – while seamlessly integrating indoor spaces with the beautiful outdoors.

Panda’s Lift & Slide Door Systems are the perfect choice when a demand for optimal weather resistance and maximized property security is crucial. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, this popular glass doors can support individual panels of up to 100sqft or 600lbs each while remaining fully operational with just a single finger. Panda’s world-class engineering involves a proprietary system of levers and wheels that allows the individual panels to drop securely into the bottom track located in the floor. Double v-gaskets located at the top, bottom, and sides of the sleek glass panels create an airtight and watertight seal that is remarkably weather-proof and maximally secure against burglary or forced entry.

As minimalist architecture with sleek lines continues to grow in popularity, entryway doors are becoming taller and more massive. This desire for majestically impressive entryways is leading many designers and property owners to choose Pivot Door Systems. By embedding special “pivot hinges” into the top and bottom of the frame, the door appears to be almost floating in thin air when opening and closing.

Panda Windows & Doors offers more than 50 high-quality systems including Folding Doors, Lift & Slides, Horizontal Wall Systems, Pivot & French Doors, Multi-Slides, Retractable Screens, Panda-Select line, TS.X0, and Architectural Windows. To this day, Panda remains committed to enhancing the beauty of every project while adding value and inspiring design.


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