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Pershing 9X - Perfextion

Pershing 9X looks truly out of this world, or ‘out of this sea’, and is in a class of its own compared to any other models on the market. The enthusiastic unveiling of this new Pershing is an occasion to admire a cutting-edge nautical masterpiece that reaffirms the vitality of the most exciting yacht brand on the international scene.

The Pershing 9X stems from the partnership between yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee under the guidance of Piero Ferrari, and the Group’s Engineering Department. It is the product of a design process that saw engineers and designers working alongside some of the Group’s main technical partners to create an awe-inspiring blend of technology and luxury.

The second member of the X Generation is innovative in every way, beginning with the composite materials, based on extensive use of carbon in conjunction with vinylester resin for the hull and epoxy resin for the deck and superstructure. This approach required the creation of new moulds and a dedicated area in the Mondolfo yard. The end product is a maxi coupé yacht with an unequalled combination of quality and innovation.

The coupé’s performance is at the top of its class: in test displacement mode it reached a top speed of 42 knots and a cruising speed of up to 38 knots, with an impressive maximum range of 380 nautical miles.

The control system and interface between engines and drives is fully integrated thanks to a platform jointly designed by Top System and Onyx for the Easy Set system, Xenta Systems for the advanced electro-hydraulic steer-by-wire system, and Naviop-Simrad for the navigation and monitoring systems. All this is integrated and accessible through large touchscreens installed on the helm station, as well as the pilot station on the sun deck.

The main deck, filled with natural light and featuring a lounge, a dining area and the helm station, is stunning both aesthetically and functionally. This masterpiece of design is an amazing combination of elegance, technology and sportiness. Pershing 9X has been co-designed with Poltrona Frau, with whom Pershing celebrates a 10-year partnership in 2017. It consists of three independent seats, the dashboard and integrated helm station, and is upholstered in leather by Poltrona Frau “Interior in Motion”.

The décor on board the first Pershing 9X was personalised by the owner, who selected some of the most celebrated names in high-end Italian design, creating a veritable masterpiece of the sea.


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