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Persol - Vintage Hollywood Glamour - Winter 2021 Collection

It all started in Turin. After all this time, Persol roots are still grounded in unmatched craftsmanship.

And even today, every frame it’s made in Italy. Still by hand. Still scrupulously perfect, complex and precise.

Using the finest primary materials and the most sophisticated manufacturing processes, Barberini® mineral lenses are born. An exquisite sense for light is revealed, through purest visual quality as well as maximum durability.

In the Winter 2020 collection, Persol celebrates the glamour of ’70s stars with vintage references. However, the past is always modernized by lenses and acetates in new color combinations. There are plenty of novelties featuring eclectic shapes and sartorial finishes that combine metallic shades with slim acetate covers. The brand continues its evolution with new elements that perfectly integrate with Persol’s unmistakable style, such as the inverted V-bridge and metal temples finished with elongated acetate tips, which make the models even more elegant.

The collection embodies the strength and personality of Persol, which, thanks to the elegance and style of its glasses, has been an emblem of Italian craftsmanship since 1917 and cherished by Italian cinema and Hollywood.

The brand new inverted-V bridge, long-tip temple design and Persol Plex Arrow hinges lend this style an essential, distinctive Persol look and a tailored fit. Playing with the concept of sartorial design, modern angles and polished color contours define the spirit of contemporary elegance.

Acetates from cotton and powdery pigments blend to form variations that can only be found in Persol glasses, unique for each frame. Made by hand with the highest quality materials, all these glasses are a natural work of art.

The on-trend low-profile sun shape, new inverted-V bridge and elegant metal tones featuring classic Havana and modern colors bring a fresh new feel and contemporary design to the Sartoria Collection.

From standard to polarized, the selection of crystal sun lenses represents quality and excellence, made from the most precious optical materials and used to guarantee the best protection and visual clarity.


The first phases of Formulation, Rare Earth Enhancement and Mixing are vital in the production of purest optical glass lenses.


A precisely positioned film interposed between two glass wafers creates flawless polarized lenses.


With highly accurate movements, each lens is flawlessly cut for impeccably frame-fit lenses. This is why every frame has to be perfectly crafted.

Introducing the hexagonal shape with eye-catching proportions that put a playful spin on modern Persol design, Featuring a daring contemporary metal shape with colorful acetate rims, this model has a brand new inverted-V bridge and a thing, long-tip stem.

Persol’s founder Guiseppe Ratti recognized the need to make his products iconic, choosing the sword of ancient warriors as an inspiration for the Arrow symbol, the unquestioned emblem of the brand. The Arrow is what makes every Persol unmatchable.


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