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Prikita Swarup - Prakti

International fashion model, Global Ambassador for Operation Smile, and recent Columbia University graduate Pritika Swarup is pushing the beauty industry to find its true chakra (energy center). Already having fronted campaigns for brands including MAC, Fenty, and Clinique, Pritika is no stranger to the beauty business. Now she is on the other side developing her own Indian-inspired skincare brand, Prakti, which is based on a hybrid platform that fuses the cultural richness and spirituality of India with the contemporary energy and technologies of the West. Its unique modern hybrid concept, technological breakthroughs in product formulation, and inspirational mission transcend the traditional Ayurvedic/Indian brands and open up a new category in the beauty space. Pritika created Prakti with immense passion to do what has never been done — bring Indian beauty to the forefront of the global industry and directly into the hands of the millennial/GenZ consumer.

“Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with best in class skin experts, makeup artists, and trendsetters, all who have helped shape my views of beauty and wellness. I’m so grateful for these experiences that have just as equally inspired and contributed to the creation of Prakti as has my upbringing. My mother, a yogi and wellness guru, breathed the principles of Ayurveda into my life since childhood, emphasizing holistic beauty with clean, natural rituals and remedies. So, yes there was a lot of homemade masking, stretching, and meditation. Suffice it to say, I understood the power of Indian beauty from a very young age.

And yes, it was quite a shock to never see Indian beauty products or women on the pages of my Teen Vogue or included in any of Cosmopolitan’s plethora of beauty recommendations. Even when I started working in the fashion industry at the age of 17, I realized how much Indian beauty and holistic wellness were significantly underrepresented in the market. The clear lack of inclusivity and true representation of global beauty not only Indian beauty practices, but the beauty of Indian women and all women, disturbed me to my very core.

Over the years, I could not understand why there had never been an Indian-inspired brand to truly reach global scale. A culture that is so rich in beauty rituals, known for healing, proven wellness remedies... What was it on the product side that couldn’t resonate with the Western consumer? That’s when I discovered a white space in the market between traditional Ayurvedic Indian brands and Western brands. There was no brand that bridged the gap and had the ability to appeal to global consumers. That’s how Prakti was born.

My goal with Prakti from the very beginning was to empower women across the globe to be their most beautiful selves and inspire them to pursue multi-dimensional, fulfilling lives, fearlessly. Additionally, I wanted to develop Prakti as a platform to celebrate the modernization of India. My perspective is not only about traditional India/Ayurveda, but also about the cultural shifts that I’ve recently seen through working in the fashion industry and spending a lot of time with my family in India.

In November 2019 prior to the pandemic, upon touching down in India I could feel this shift in the air. I was inspired by the changing cultural norms, landscape, and transformation of the role of women. They are celebrating their heritage but becoming more globalized and liberalized than ever. This inspired Prakti’s purpose. I’ve built this brand to go beyond the beauty space as a tool to empower women and connect in a meaningful way. I want women to feel so confident in every direction they want to go. I want them to feel that they have the proper tools and they’re going to find a way and just feel like nothing can stop them. I’m so excited to share Prakti this coming Summer!”


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