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Provo Air Center Welcomes Jet Travelers to Turks and Caicos with Five-Star Facilities

For six years, Provo Air Center (PAC) in the Turks and Caicos Islands, has reigned supreme in the Caribbean. This is according to voters in the Aviation International News Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) survey, an industry standard for private jet travel. For the privileged few who frequently jet-set, the differentiators of this facility at the Providenciales International Airport (MBPV) are immediately clear, as it visually stands out as one of the top FBOs in the region. The gorgeous two-story building was designed with privacy in mind. Uncommonly large for the Caribbean, there is always a private room available in the facility. As an Air Elite by World Fuel property, this location is bespoken to private jet travelers seeking an elevated experience.

The newest upgrade to the impressive Provo Air Center is an in-house catering kitchen. Just as someone welcoming a guest into their home offers food and drink, the PAC team is all about hospitality. While this FBO staff has always been on-point with elite service delivery, one thing they could not control was outside catering for jet departures. Unhappy with what was available locally in terms of menu selection and reliability, the PAC team wished to ensure order accuracy and on-time delivery. The solution was the PAC Kitchen, which is now a fully stocked and staffed, around-the-clock catering operation.

In addition to serving phenomenal cuisine, Provo Air Center includes a spacious pet park-- because they consider every passenger a guest. This white picket-fenced space includes trees, a solar drinking fountain, and a bench for dog owners.

Other stand-out amenities at this Providenciales FBO include a children’s play area adjacent to the VIP lounge. This space includes an arts and crafts table, various toys, and a “pirate’s cave” hand-painted by a local artist. A welcome relief for parents, there are no safety hazards in the kids’ area, and everything is washable. Provo Air Center Chief Executive Officer Deborah Aharon, shares that the children’s play space helps keep the FBO calm on busy days for jet travel.

While jet passengers always have the ultimate choice in FBO at any airfield, be it jet owners or charter clientele, a key differentiator for Provo Air Center in the Turks and Caicos is their team commitment to guest experiences. They always look to solve a problem with their service. For example, learning that laundry could not be done professionally seven days per week because local service providers were closed on Sundays, the team took laundry in-house to offer it every day for passengers.

The loyalty of the Provo Air Center team is commendable, particularly versus the industry average. With an extremely low turnover rate amongst team members, most have been employed at PAC for 12 or more years. During COVID-19, FBO leadership took steps to accommodate their faithful team member’s families, converting a lounge into a virtual classroom for children to continue their educations while their parents worked. The PAC team also adapted to learn the country’s complex pandemic portal, to assist guests in completing it before their arrivals.

With most team members having a decade or more of tenure at PAC, the expectation for impeccable customer service is clear and consistent. There are also established synergies between the line team (which works directly with aircraft on the ramp), and the customer service representatives at the front desk. With a focus on client confidentiality, every team member agrees to strict policies to protect the guests who wish to visit the Turks and Caicos privately.

Specializing in larger jets, the PAC team caters to celebrity and royal visitors to the Turks and Caicos Islands. For international arrivals, team members research traditional cultural customs to observe what welcome flowers, refreshments, and greetings are most appropriate to make guests feel honored. Going above and beyond for clients is the everyday expectation at Provo Air Center.

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