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Quagliotti - High Quality Italian Linens

White and blue is a combination of great charm that has a long history from ancient Chinese porcelain to Navy style in fashion. Used in interiors to enhance spaces with a fresh, marine inspired mood, it is perfect for summer residences, from the sea to the lake, as well as in town or country homes, in yachts or private jets.

With a tailor-made product, Quagliotti has been producing high quality linen for a private clientele and important contract projects since 1933. Articles with perfect execution, made in Italy production, tailoring and customization services are developed also for the naval sector.

Inspired by the historic streets of Mayfair in London, Savile Row and Conduit where some of the most important and well-known tailors in the world are based, Quagliotti’s SAVILE and CONDUIT bed linen collections with white base, are finished with trims and contrasting piping blue, with matching pillowcases and duvets.

For the bathroom, cotton terry towels are matched with blue twisted RASO trims. Bathrobes with blue RASO trims have a cut and tailoring execution, like real outerwear. For the table, cotton jacquard fabrics for LIBERTY or blue Crespolino with the hem on top for VALERIE. Quagliotti’s linen is made to measure, with perfect execution and finished with sartorial details.

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