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RH One - Luxury Home Furnishings Leader Takes Flight

After a decade of remaking itself as the leading luxury home furnishings brand and an international arbiter of taste and style, 2022 promises to be a banner year for RH. With the debut of the new RH Contemporary collection, the unveiling of RH San Francisco, The Gallery at the Historic Bethlehem Steel Building; the opening of the first RH Guesthouse in New York, and a global expansion underway – starting with RH England – the months ahead will no doubt see the company reaching new heights. And if that weren’t enough, even for the most inspired and imaginative among us, there is now RH ONE, a first-of-its-kind private charter jet reflecting the brand’s emerging constellation of bespoke hospitality experiences and specialized plane and yacht design services. Conceptualized by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gary Friedman, the groundbreaking Gulfstream G650ER creates a new paradigm in custom aircraft – a dramatic expression of RH’s distinctive style in an entirely new context.

“From both a functional and aesthetic point of view, most private planes conform to the same design logic as it relates to the interiors,” Mr. Friedman says. “We believed we could design an environment that amplified collaboration and creativity – every aspect of RH ONE is designed through that lens.” Bringing calm and comfort to the sky, RH ONE provides the ultimate luxury of time – doubling as a soaring innovation center, for hours the company’s leadership team would otherwise lose in transit, and an unparalleled high-speed travel offering for discerning guests.

As with the brand’s collections, passengers will discover luxe materials, the finest craftsmanship and rich, organic textures. A study in human design and elegant restraint, the main cabin is a stunning departure from typical private planes. Sharing a similar visual language with RH Guesthouse New York, the interior is awash in rift-sawn European white oak, a first for luxury aircraft. Artisan crafted with meticulous care, the oak is hand selected, wire brushed and finished in a multistep proprietary process to accentuate its natural beauty, grain pattern and distinctive tonal interplay. Floor coverings – in a custom, corresponding hue – are woven of hand-tufted wool, silk and cashmere bouclé. Seamlessly integrated architectural lighting and select accents of pure stainless steel flow throughout. Generous, handcrafted power seats are upholstered in washed charcoal Belgian linen by Libeco – Belgium’s oldest and most revered mill – and trimmed in supple artisan leather from native German bull hides. State-of-the-art reclining and inflating systems ensure relaxed, sink-in comfort while perfectly balanced sightlines and carefully considered acoustics create a sense of serenity.

Highlighting its fluid lines, the jet features an exclusive, specially formulated Phantom Gray exterior, RH’s signature color, juxtaposed with an undercarriage of shimmering champagne – a prelude to the warmth and refinement within. And there isn’t just one plane, but two, as in RH TWO, the brand’s original private plane that has since been redesigned in the spirit of RH ONE. As RH ONE and RH TWO elevate the art of travel in the air, RH THREE does so at sea. Available for charter in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, the vintage expedition yacht has been completely reimagined for unparalleled entertaining, lounging and dining. Each of these traveling tributes to the power of experiential design will ultimately appear on The World of RH – a new digital portal presenting the brand’s expanding ecosystem of products, places, services and spaces that will also come to life in the months ahead.

“It’s hard to imagine something you haven’t seen before – we’re inspired to find out what could be, and you don’t know until you push the boundaries,” says Mr. Friedman. “Whenever you do the obvious, you’re never going to surprise and delight.”


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