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Robern - A Reflection of You

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep at Robern, one that has been cultivated over five decades, growing from a two-person, start-up into the thriving luxury bathroom brand it is today. Whether creating a spa-like oasis for a five-star luxury commercial property or personalizing an inspired residential escape, Robern’s product portfolio reflects bold style with cutting-edge technology offering its clientele some of the most unique and intuitive products available in the marketplace today.

Robern’s start was driven by a true visionary in Bernie Meyers, who in 1968, with his partner, and wife, Rosa Meyers, left their corporate jobs behind and began their dream – Robern. First selling bathroom products from their home in Philadelphia, then moving operations to Bristol, Penn., where Robern still resides today, it was Meyers’ engineering prowess and innate understanding of the building industry and real time needs that became pivotal within the Robern business.

Robern believes that good design fits the space, while exceptional design fits the life lived in it. This ideal reigns supreme at Robern as it continues to make inroads in new bathroom design, moving the mark with technologically advanced products, and an out-of-the-box approach to personal storage rarely available in the mass marketplace. Robern products are engineered to be intuitive and accommodating, thoughtfully built with the user’s expectations and comfort in mind. Every piece is designed and hand-assembled using the highest quality materials at the Bristol factory location, with a series of white glove checks, and hands-on sales and customer service approach – from selection to project completion – to ensure superior end results.

Robern medicine cabinets are engineered to perform, cast from stainless steel and glass, for long life and durability. The cabinets are offered in sophisticated style choices – from Modern to Traditional in scope – and a vast dimensional range of sizes and lengths to custom-fit most interior configurations. Slow-close hinges open at a greater radius to expose the fully mirrored, back-lit interiors for a 360-degree styling experience. The interiors have cantilevered shelving that can be moved at almost imperceptible increments for easy shelf adjustment to house even the tallest toiletry.

Robern has developed standard and upgrade packages to create an almost bespoke experience for consumers, allowing them to individualize interiors based upon preference. Cabinets can be customized with such options as an at-your-fingertips phone charger, and USB ports and electrical outlets to keep electronics charged and styling and grooming tools at the ready; a retractable magnification mirror that fits discreetly into the mirror’s interior, a shelf-edge magnetic strip to attach smaller task items; and, to keep spaces organized, Quick Caddy canisters that are removable for easy cleaning.

Robern also specializes in an array of unlighted and lighted mirrors that feature 3000K (Kelvin) Lighting, with a high lumen, CRI value of 90+ and a high R9 value of 50+ to eliminate dark shadows and provide a reflection rich with accurate, true color. Robern also introduced advanced tunable lighting to its unique Uplift Tech medicine cabinet with plans to extend it to other models. Engineered to allow the user to adjust the lighting to fit daytime to evening settings with remarkable accuracy and precision, Robern TUN variable tuning technology adjusts from 2700K (Kelvin) warm, relaxing tones to 5600K cool, energizing temperatures.

Through collaborative design and intuitive technology, its problem-solving, custom-scaled modular solutions, and made-to-order designs, Robern has built an industry reputation for tailored bathrooms of unsurpassed quality. Today, that pioneering approach, commitment to craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail, and utilization of the finest materials available, remains foundational to the Robern brand and is evident in every piece still crafted by Robern today.

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