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Robern - Discover the Versatility of Modular Design

A well-designed bathroom should make the everyday routine feel effortless, with customized storage, intuitive functionality, and a layout that fits flawlessly within the available space.

For years, custom design was the only way to achieve this level of personalization. But modularity has redefined what’s possible for bathroom design.

Modular design offers the flexibility of semi-custom design, with the convenience of a ready-to-order product line — allowing designers and homeowners to create unique solutions that feel perfectly tailored to fit their space, their aesthetic, and their lifestyle.

The concept behind modular design is simple, yet rich with possibilities. Modular vanities, medicine cabinets, mirrors, and lighting are offered in a variety of preselected sizing options, styles, and finishes. These modular pieces act as building blocks in your bathroom design and can be ganged together to create a customized storage solution. Add luxurious functionality with accessories engineered to elevate your daily routine, like integrated electrical outlets, USB charging ports, magnification mirrors, and convenient storage trays and bins. The end result is a seamless storage solution that feels like it was designed around you.

Within the Robern portfolio, you’ll find an extensive selection of modular products that provide enhanced design versatility without sacrificing craftsmanship, functionality, or statement-making style. Here are just a few configurable collections that offer modular solutions for a design that exceeds expectations every step of the way.


The Cartesian Collection from Robern transformed the modern vanity market by providing a configurable storage solution that expands the possibilities for every dimension of your bathroom design.

These versatile vanities offer nearly limitless options to elevate any space. Choose from a selection of sizes, drawer types, glass finishes, side kits, functional features, accessories, and vanity tops to create the ultimate semi-custom vanity solution.


Profiles Mirrors, Medicine Cabinets, Vanities, and Lighting are available in a wide array of sizes and metal finishes to create a fully coordinated suite that’s as elegant as it is versatile.

With distinctive metal accents and customizable configuration, the Profiles Collection provides a complete modular solution that combines statement-making design with modern functionality.


Traditional bathroom design is often limited to a single mirror or medicine cabinet above each sink, with overhead lighting or sconces on the wall where space permits. But modular medicine cabinets, mirrors, and lighting give you the flexibility to create a stunning visual impact in your bathroom design.

Modular medicine cabinets like the M Series Reserve Collection can be ganged together to create customized storage across the entire styling space, while modular mirrors can create a seamless transition across areas where behind-the-wall obstructions exist.

The Vesper and InLine lighting collections are designed for a flush fit when paired with M Series and M Series Reserve medicine cabinets. Available in an array of sizes and styles to complement your design, these modular lighting solutions provide precision task lighting and a space-saving alternative to overhead lighting and sconces.

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