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Robern - Effortless Lighting Control with Tenor Lighting & SWAY

Tenor Tunable Lighting with Robern’s proprietary SWAY Control combines the versatility of modular vertical lighting with industry-leading dimming and color tuning technology for unparalleled control over the bathroom lighting environment.

When it comes to lighting intensity and color temperature, our needs change throughout the day. Bright, cool lighting may be ideal for getting ready in the morning, but the same lighting can feel a bit too energizing at night. Likewise, soft lighting creates a calming atmosphere when it’s time to unwind, but may not provide enough output for precise tasks like tweezing or shaving.

Tenor Tunable Lighting and SWAY Control were designed to adapt effortlessly to every step of the daily routine. Flicker-free LED lighting is dimmable to 5% to provide the ideal brightness for any task, and color temperature can be fine-tuned from warm white (2700K) through bright white (5600K) tones for precise control over the lighting environment. However, the most groundbreaking element of Tenor Tunable Lighting is the streamlined simplicity of its controls.

Tenor Tunable Lighting is operated exclusively by the SWAY Control, a proprietary wall switch that combines dimming, tuning, and personalized user presets in a single wall switch. Paired together, Tenor Tunable Lighting and SWAY Control offer optimal control over the lighting environment in the bathroom. A single SWAY Control can operate up to six Tenor Tunable lights, allowing users to create stunning modular arrays for the bathroom space — and set the tone in the room with a single touch.

Developed for a target audience of A&D professionals, luxury residential homeowners, and commercial specifiers, Tenor Tunable Lighting with SWAY Control was inspired by a clear need throughout the design community for a more streamlined and precise level of lighting control.

Previously, the only way to achieve control over brightness and color tuning was to manage multiple wall switches and remote controls for each light fixture. SWAY provides a level of control that could previously only be achieved by installing a whole-home lighting system or managing multiple wall controls and remotes. SWAY Control combines power, dimming, color tuning, and presets into a single wall control — yet its design is compact enough to fit within a standard decora wall plate.

The groundbreaking technology of Tenor Tunable Lighting is encased in the sleek, space-saving profile of vertical lighting, available in three decorative styles. Diamond adds a touch of elegance; Fluted complements a traditional aesthetic with subtle grooved detailing; and Round is capped with eye-catching metal accents. All three Tenor Tunable Lighting styles are crafted from glass and designed for seamless modular pairing with Robern M Series, PL Series, and Profiles mirrors and medicine cabinets to elevate the bathroom aesthetic. Vertical lighting design serves to maximize wall space by eliminating the need for overhead lighting or side sconces.

Tenor Tunable Lighting with SWAY Control represents a collaborative effort by the Design, Product Development, and Marketing teams at Robern. Identifying a need for a more streamlined, precise level of control over the bathroom lighting environment, the teams worked together to conceive, design, and develop a product that would elevate the daily routine and advance the possibilities for bathroom lighting.

While the SWAY Control currently pairs exclusively with Tenor Tunable Lighting, it was designed with forward compatibility in mind, opening up the opportunity to develop new lighting collections in the future that can be paired with SWAY for optimal control.

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