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Sabbia Bianca - A Contemporary Hotel Lobby in Sicily - By Maelina Ortié

‘Sabbia Bianca’ is a new concept for an italian hotel resort designed by Maelina Ortié. Inspired by the colors and vibes of Mondello beach, the resort’s lobby has a wide open space that brings the brightness of the sun and the freshness of the sea inside, allowing people to a seamless transition from the beach to the lounge.

“We design our world, while our world acts back on us and design us”

The feet are still full of sand, when we step into the foyer and are confronted with the imposing and powerful presence of Breve I Dining Table, by Caffe Latte, completely built in marble, just like the floor and ceiling that flank it. On top of Breve, there is also the iconic Newton Chandelier, rich in walnut texture, a true lighting statement piece.

With a circular opening in the center, allowing the sun to illuminate the palm trees, there is the reception area, with a clear emphasis on the two lighting pieces, designed by Masquespacio for Covet Collection. They are Branch Lamps Standing and Marble Table Lamp Big, whose curvilinear design reveals a combo of irreverence and elegance, which every hotel should have.

In addition to these, there is also, on both sides, Altura Mirror, by Caffe Latte, another statement marble piece, which enriches the presence of nature-inspired shades, so necessary for fresh and revitalizing ambiances.

Moving calmly towards the lounge areas, an oasis of comfort and well-being, the neutrality and functionality of the space prevails, in order to acquire the ideal serenity of summer times. The first one focuses on Robusta Center Table, by Caffe Latte, whose refinement is perfectly combined with the subtlety of the seating pieces, including Odette Sofa or Zelda Single Sofa.

There are also two extra complements that will expand the comfortable luxury concept: Brutte Side Table, by Caffe Latte, on the one hand, and Oslo Rug, on the other, with a slight terrazzo inspiration.

The second living area has a more classic appeal, but never ceasing to be minimalist and suitable for the room itself. The new pieces from Covet Collection, created by Masquespacio, leave their mark once again, this time through Marble Table Small and Matter Chair, true representatives of an ode to earth, while Canephora Mirror, by Caffe Latte, shows itself like easily adaptable to any contemporary project, whether residential or hospitality.

The third lounge area maintains the modern and authentic look of the previous ones, with a little biophilic design reinforcement, as well as the addition of the Scandi style, which brings with it wood finishes.

Finally, the fourth area is totally mid century modern style, including sublime pieces such as Volume Chair, from Covet Collection, or Philip Center and Side Table.

Next to the lifts that give access to the residential area, there is also a reserved area, dedicated to a modern classic hallway, in which Vertigo Console, and Niku Wall Lamp make up the respective statement pieces.

The hospitality world is full of surprises, just like the dazzling Caffe Latte new project, quite stylish and versatile, designed by Maelina Ortié.

Photography by Caffe Latte

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