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Simon G. Jewelry: True Love and True Luxury

Simon G. Jewelry Devoted to Capturing the Essense of Love and Commitment

Simon G. Jewelry knows the worth of commitment over the long term, and our work every day honors our legacy. The theme of Commitment carries through more than just an ad campaign, it is the foundation for all that they do. Simon G. believes that true luxury, like true love, isn’t a thing but a feeling: an undeniably magnetic force that instantly casts a spell on those lucky enough to find it, and leaves the desirous hopelessly devoted to the experience of realizing their aspirations.

Their commitment to design and excellent value is unwavering. Combining old world romance and modern technique, making each piece glamorous yet timeless, The Simon G. Collection continues to define affordable luxury that celebrates 'The Power of Two.' Their aim is to create jewelry that is a talisman that serves as a reminder: we're in it together.


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