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Sonoma Cast Stone Products

Concrete has a warm, organic feel to accompany its incredible resiliency.  It can hold any shape and wear any pigment, expressing and enhancing any design aesthetic. Sonoma Cast Stone is known by architects and designers as the premiere manufacturer of fine architectural concrete pieces.

Our award-winning sinks and countertops come standard in our proprietary NuCrete® concrete and are guaranteed not to stain or crack. Our elegant soaking tubs are cast in our Classic concrete and are stain resistant and guaranteed against structural cracking. Choose from inspired styles and dozens of natural and designer colors or explore working with our group to create your own unique custom element. 


Soaking in a tub of solid cast concrete is the pinnacle of luxury. Our stunning, contoured soaking tubs are even comfortable empty! Heated versions are available, for those days you just want to linger in the moment


All Sonoma Cast Stone products are made in America and sold factory-direct. For estimates or more information, visit or call us at (877) 283-2400.


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