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Sonoma Forge - The WaterBridge Collection

The WaterBridge Collection from Sonoma Forge features stunning faucets and iconic, exposed showers that elevate humble plumbing parts to designer status. The installations shown here are from the private residence of a photographer world-traveler who makes her home on the California coast.

The design-forward WaterBridge Faucet with Waterfall Spout fuses the rustic look of raw plumbing parts with an Asian style. While its lines resemble delicate reeds of bamboo, WaterBridge possesses undeniable heft and sturdiness, complemented by rustic and raw metal finishes. Simple, yet strong, the WaterBridge Collection includes lavatory faucets, bar faucets, tub fillers, shower systems, and coordinating accessories.

Like the rest of the WaterBridge Collection, the Elbow Spout design has a rustic look, while offering increased functionality that targets a new market niche. In contrast to the popular Waterfall Spout, which projects the water stream outward in a graceful arc, the new Elbow Spout directs the water downward, making it as practical as it is distinctive for shallow ramp- or vessel-style sinks.

Broadening the versatility and function of the WaterBridge collection, the Exposed Shower System joins a line-up of Lavatory Faucets, Bar Faucets, Roman Tub Fillers, and Coordinated Accessories, all reflecting the simple, yet strong style of WaterBridge. The collection features several spout designs, including the ever-popular Waterfall Spout, and the new Elbow Spout, which directs the water straight down – ideal for ramp-style sinks or shallow vessel style sink basins.

The WaterBridge Exposed Shower System offers a choice of wall, glass, or floor mount installation, along with an array of optional accessories including a hand shower and/or tub filler or foot wash, alternate showerheads. Outdoor installations are perfect for rinsing after the pool or coming in off the beach.

Also seen here is a pair of Bath faucets from the Brut Collection, easily recognizable by the top lever which calls to mind well pumps from the field or vineyard. Note that the Brut fixtures coordinate seamlessly with the WaterBridge stylings.

All installations are shown in Rustic Nickel but these collections are also available in Rustic Copper, Satin Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, as well as our new standard finish: Matte Black. Installation photos by Tony LaBruno.

Located in the heart of Northern California’s wine country, Sonoma Forge’s roots are steeped in a rich history of industrial foundries where craftsmen hand forge metals. We celebrate the art of skillful metalworking and machining by highlighting the beauty of metal in our unique line of designer faucets and tub fillers, dramatic shower systems, and coordinated bath accessories. Our distinctive product line offers homeowners refreshing design options with a decidedly masculine sense of style that enhances any setting, whether urban loft, country villa, or boutique hotel.

Sonoma Forge’s artistry and attention to detail is supplemented with innovative technology in models offered with Sans Hands, our exclusive sensor faucet technology. (not shown)

All Sonoma Forge products are handcrafted and assembled by artisans dedicated to forging the finest, most extraordinary products on the market. - Forged in America


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