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Stillwater Dwellings Artfully Designed Systems-Built Homes

A Luxury, Prefab Homes Designed For Today’s Needs

Today and more than ever before, we’re searching for meaningful connections in many aspects of our lives, all of which intersect - home, work, community, and our relationship with the outdoors. For many, it is a time for reflection on what home means, what it looks like, and how it functions to meet our lifestyle needs and in relation to its surroundings.

At Stillwater Dwellings, they believe designing and creating your new home should be done with great care, not only by considering your needs and wishes, but also by living up to our reputation of providing you with a beautifully designed, expertly crafted, prefabricated home under the constant guidance of Stillwater professionals.

“Having studied architecture, we were probably one of the most difficult clients Stillwater could have had; nonetheless, they were extremely collaborative and we feel we created an amazing house that met all our needs and budget.” - Homeowner

Mid-Century Modern Luxury Meets Luxury Prefab

The Stillwater Dwellings Signature Series blends an updated mid-century aesthetic with the precision of a modern, systems-built home.

Available in both one and two stories, all homes feature our signature soaring butterfly roofline, solid steel canopy entry, and glass wall of windows and doors. This series was designed to encourage indoor/outdoor living and entertaining, while preserving the environment (and lowering operating costs) through the use of sustainable materials and building processes.

The Signature Series design library offers a large selection of professionally designed home plans as well as one of three Finish Packages from which to choose. Each plan is customizable by Stillwater architects to fit your personal preferences and building site. Or, we’ll design a totally custom home based on the flexible Stillwater Signature “spine and wing” system.

Designing Luxury Prefab, With The Environment In Mind

We’ve all heard the adage, It’s what’s inside that counts. But that’s not necessarily the case with sustainable, prefab home design and construction. What’s outside influences what’s inside, and prefab employs a holistic architectural approach so a home works in harmony with its natural surroundings. When it comes to prefab, construction IS part of design. This method creates a uniquely modern home that’s luxuriously livable with an interior environment that’s healthier, more sustainable, and better for the planet.

“The house was a long time coming and a dream come true. I called Stillwater, Kaveh flew down to meet us, and my husband and I were immediately on board. I felt so comfortable with Stillwater that we hired our contractor without bidding the job out. The next 14 months were a breeze. Literally no hiccups, no hold ups, no hassles. And the house we wound up with is a joy to live in. It’s bright, it’s simple, and it feels like home.

I’m a horse person, so I describe the main hallway as my center aisle. It’s wide, it’s airy, and it serves as the perfect gallery for our photography and art pieces. And the house takes full advantage of the spectacular views of the valley, with the full-length glass doors in both the great room and the master bedroom. In hindsight, there is nothing I would change in either the house or the guest house. Both are just perfect. We couldn’t be happier!”

Contact Stillwater Dwellings today to learn more about building your dream home.


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