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Summerset Professional Grills: Family Owned & Operated

Summerset Professional Grills is a family owned and operated company for over 10 years and has grown into a premier luxury BBQ manufacturer. In 2015, Summerset brought the stainless steel manufacturing home to their factory in Huntington Beach, CA. Summerset’s innovative design offers a complete line of stainless steel grills, grill carts, BBQ islands, fire pits, doors, drawers, components and more.

Forbes Magazine praised Summersets’ all-American made AMG36 with, “If you have room for just one grill, look no further than this masterpiece.” Summerset’s commitment to quality is reflected in the craftsmanship and pride in creating their grills, tariff-free, on American soil by American workers with American stainless steel. In the certainty of using only the best workmanship and materials, Summerset fully supports their products with the Summerset Lifetime Warranty.

No matter the budget, the possibilities are endless when designing your ultimate outdoor kitchen with Summersets’ wide range of grills, appliances, and accessories which can be tailored perfectly to create your dream oasis. Sleek and seamless, Summerset components provide an integrated solution, personalized to enhance any space and features complete #304 construction, reversible door mounting, magnetic latch, and smooth gliding drawers on heavy-duty tracks, all covered under the best warranty policy in the industry and supported by an expert customer service team onsite at the manufacturing plant and distribution center in sunny southern California.

The Sizzler and Sizzler Pro series are an entry into professional grilling, giving you the opportunity to sear or rotisserie in addition to cooking above the sizzling briquette system designed to distribute heat evenly at the grate surface, eliminating hot spots, and guaranteeing a controlled temperature at grate level. Whether you’re barbecuing hamburgers and hotdogs or using the infrared ceramic sear burner to serve up restaurant quality bone-in rib eye’s, you can rely on this grills’ precision design to operate consistently every time.

The TRL grill line is a fully loaded workhorse, a grilling classic forged with commercial-grade 304 stainless steel and 16-gauge stainless steel burners, backed by a lifetime warranty. This grill is built to last.

The luxurious Alturi models come equipped with every feature available as well as a built-in smoker tray to invoke the atmosphere and aroma of a real wood smoker and the heavy duty 26,000 BTU red brass burners are an unrivaled titan in the barbecue industry.

The American Muscle Grill or AMG is an all-American made, all-American stainless steel, ultimate grilling machine. Modeled after the ’66 Mustang Shelby GT 350, this terrifyingly beautiful grill will shift your grilling experience into overdrive as the AMG’s patented solid fuel trays allow you to cook with gas or solid fuels such as wood chunk, logs, charcoal, etc. A truly unique specimen, Forbes Magazine further boasts, “Believe it or not, the only comparable grill I’ve tried costs nearly four times as much, and I’m loving cooking on this!”

From their Sizzler Series all the way up to their new AMG multi-fuel grill, Summerset strives for excellence using the highest grade stainless steel available, providing you with all the performance of a premium high-end grilling machine at a fraction of the cost, and to look good while doing it.


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