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The Interior Design Paradise in the French Alps -The Dream Cottage By Mid-Century Studio

The French Alps are synonymous with nature and well-being, surrounded by trees, mountains, snow when the weather allows, contemplate the most beautiful landscapes that exist. If we want to relax and be in peace, it is perhaps one of the best options we have, it is a location that, despite being attracted by many tourists, is invaded by the peace and quiet of nature. This house could not fail to do justice to the superb beauty of the French alps, full of disparities that combine perfectly, cozy and large, classic and modern, with incredible views full of hills. Better than a tour of the alps, only a tour of this incredible mansion.


Starting with the living room, perhaps one of the smallest rooms in the house with the intention of making the experience much cozier. Since the house only consists of a single room, the living room doesn’t have strong reasons to have large dimensions, since it won’t be used by many people. In neutral tones, earth tones and some plants, naturea is perfectly connected. Comfort doesn’t end with the amazing Elo family from the Night Fever Collection designed by Draga & Aurel in partnership with Essential Home and DelightFULL. The Elo sofa with a geometric look follows the same modern and irreverent look that incorporates the power of music through its sophisticated geometric look, making it the perfect piece for any space. Complementing it are the Elo armchairs and Caprice side tables from the same collection. As a support in the living room, the incredible Edith sideboard from Essential Home also does not go unnoticed.


Unlike the living room, the dining room is much larger, made to receive guests, super modern and fresh, luxurious with its wonderful marbles both on the floor and on the walls. Spacious and simple contrasts with the majestic Ezra dining table, one of the most exclusive pieces in Studiopepe’s Happy Few collection. Inspired by the beautiful backdrop of Italian architecture, the modern dining table was designed from a combination of curvilinear straight lines redefining the limits of physics. Ezra opens the design horizon of the world with its illuminated solid wood structure with some polished brass details, perfect to beautify any modern space. To complement this magnificent space, we have lighting by DelightFULL, which oozes glamour.


The kitchen, contrary to the other rooms, presents dark tones in both marble and wood. This way, the golds are highlighted because they contrast with these opposite tones, which makes us pay more attention to details. The kitchen, besides being luxurious and modern, gives us an air of sophistication that few achieve, being such a small room, makes us want to elaborate on the cooking and present really beautiful and sophisticated dishes. The Mccarey bar chair designed by Masquespacio for Essential Home stands out in this room, an irreverent and modern bar chair and at the same time comfortable. To highlight the bright and golden lamps by DelightFULL.


An office is essential in a house where we can spend just a weekend or a long season, and we had the best example during the recent pandemic. A multifunctional office that can be used for work, but also for other more secluded moments that require concentration and quiet, such as reading a book. This office meets all these parameters, serving as a library as well, with the imposing Arne desk, it’s a stunning piece of mid-century furniture that will make a great addition to any home office. It adds a touch of luxury with gilded brass details and a particularly elegant velvet upholstery on the front, working alongside walnut wood. It is the perfect piece for design lovers who want a piece from the past with all the luxury of the present.


Still on the first floor, we have the conviviality and party area, the bar. The bar is an area that promotes joy and fun, in dark tones boasts with the great presence of gold, both in lighting and in the details of the chairs. The white marble on the floor and walls with huge white veins brings a refined air to this room. The huge wall where they store and display the expensive drinks, lit with leds in each square, shows a more pompous side to this bar. The two key pieces of this area is the majestic lamp by DelightFULL and the Kelly bar chairs in a new version, one of Essential Home’s best sellers.


Finally, on the second floor we have the bedroom, with two distinct areas, the sleeping area where you have the bed accompanied by the bedside tables and the living area, composed of the latest Essential Home armchairs and a center table from the collection of Carlo Donati, an incredible Italian product designer. The Hadly armchair reflects the best of mid-1930s style, bringing a sense of timeless refinement that only such an impeccable design could accomplish. Wooden legs and armrests pair beautifully with a customizable fabric for the seat and a pattern on the back that reminds us of the joys that art deco and vintage can bring to our homes.

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