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The Modern Alpha Male: 5 Characteristics It's Time to Take on Board

Love them or loathe them, the alpha male is still around. We can look at the alpha male as a relic of the past or we can use what they used to be to better inform what an alpha man should and should not be now. There are good and bad components of the alpha male, but we should focus on the good ones, and understand how the modern man can utilize them to further their appearance, mindset, and so much more. Here are some things to consider.

Being Particular About Their Appearance

The fact is that well-groomed people always make a great first impression, and this is something that has potentially slipped by the wayside with more modern men, opting to feel better on the inside. If you are still someone who is concerned about making a great first impression, you have to focus on your look. The great thing is that there are plenty of ways to do this. If you're on a date, you can find an abundance of mens leather jackets that cover a multitude of sins. Making sure that you focus on your posture as well is a very simple thing, but the right posture communicates a lot of confidence.

Being Able to Manage Their Emotions

It's something that we don't necessarily tally up with the alpha male of yesteryear, but the modern alpha male is someone that should have a great degree of emotional intelligence. Being rational instead of having outbursts, being able to read people's emotions, and actually being assertive without being forceful are fantastic attributes.

Chivalry and Being A Gentleman

People talk about chivalry as this age-old practice, but it's important to be a natural gentleman that has a deep respect for everyone, and this is what we can do to move the alpha male from the past into the modern day. It's about making sure that everybody is catered to, women, children, and everyone in between. This is a pivotal tool that can make a big difference in how men can be far more respectful, rather than opting for passive-aggressiveness, especially in online communities.

Facing Challenges

Assertiveness, being level-headed and being able to make tough decisions are all things that we all need to do. High-pressure situations can all get the better of us, and if you are considering giving yourself an upgrade in some ways, this is a very difficult one to get right. But it's about making sure you have confidence in your judgment, and not second-guessing yourself. We can all benefit from this type of attitude because it allows us to focus more on the situation at hand and give it the attention it deserves, which can be difficult when we're all struggling with concentration problems.

Knowing How to Kick Back

The alpha male attitude is all about being confident in oneself. Of course, the right drink can also make a big difference here! The alpha male attitude should be about being at peace with oneself, which is something many modern men have misinterpreted, especially with horrible totems of the alpha male generation like Andrew Tate being paraded around! Instead, let's keep it simple, and make sure that we do it right.


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