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The Role of Solar Maintenance Services in Extending the Life of Your Solar System

Did you know that a solar energy system can increase a home's value by roughly $15,000? But you won't see these benefits if your panels are cracked or malfunctioning. Forgetting to maintain your panels could cut into the benefits. 

Read on to learn how regular solar maintenance services can extend the life of your solar system!

Request Regular Inspections

As part of solar panel maintenance, plan on getting technicians to look at your panels regularly. Yes, they'll check the surfaces of the panels to make sure everything is safe. But they'll do more than that. 

For instance, a technician will look at the mounting rails and wire connections. They want to ensure that there aren't any wire shorts that could lead to fire dangers. 

They'll also evaluate conduit runs and breakers. They'll look at other electrical components, as well. Doing this can confirm that everything is the right size for your panels. 

A good technician will verify that everything aligns with what you initially had approved when you got a permit. They'll check the structure of your roof, too, to make sure the mounting system is secure. 

Get Solar Panel Cleaning Services 

How often should solar panels be cleaned? The answer may hinge on the type of panels you have. But in general, plan on cleaning them every six months or so. 

Over time, your solar panels will get dirty and dusty. Bird droppings, mud, and other debris will start to cake on the surface of the panels. This compromises their ability to function well. 

For solar panels in dusty locations, like deserts or windswept areas, more frequent cleaning may be necessary. That's because even a thin film of dust can be enough to minimize energy production. 

And in some cases, you may be able to stretch the cleaning window. The angled installation of panels lets rainfall push a lot of debris off of them. But if you live in a snowy location, snow and ice can cause structural damage to the panels. 

Cleaning is essential because it removes debris from your panels. It also provides a chance for technicians to look more closely at the surface of your panels for indications of cracks and other problems.

Ultimately, routine cleaning enables your panels to function more efficiently. You can use a hose to do this or hire a reputable company like

The solar panel cleaning cost can range from around $100 to $700. How many panels you have, as well as their location, impacts the price. 

Fix Broken Parts

Sometimes during a routine maintenance check, a technician will spot broken parts. These might be obvious large cracks on the glass. These could be caused by bad thunderstorms or falling debris from nearby trees. 

But sometimes broken parts can be smaller and harder to spot with the naked eye. Just make sure you're choosing solar panel maintenance companies with an established reputation to do the checking and fixing. 

Common solar panel defects include hot spots. These are parts of the panels that may overheat and harm the productivity of your panels. Hot spots might be linked to the manufacturing of the panels or the presence of too much shade. 

Other common issues include separating layers in your panels. This lets in moisture, which can cause your panels to malfunction. Similarly, microcracks may appear and make your panels less efficient. 

Technicians could note poor connections or dusty panel edges. And they might notice that the cell colors are not uniform. Choose a technician with good communication skills so you know what's going on!

Maximize Your Panels' Potential

One of the best reasons to get solar panel maintenance is that it will help your panels function at full capacity. Given the investment in solar panels, you'll want to invest in maintenance.

With all parts of your panels working as they should, you'll be able to earn back your investment more quickly. Consider that a solar system may cost around $20,000 for a home with 2,000 square feet. That's a big investment, and you'll want to get the most from it.

Most solar panel systems last for two or three decades. But without proper care, you may only get a decade or two from a system. 

A good technician will be able to spot changes in performance. They can see that the panels weren't mounted properly or find signs that the panels weren't doing their job as well. Good technicians will know how to clean panels, too, without causing further damage. 

Technicians will turn off the system first to prevent any potential dangers. They'll stay away from harsh chemicals that are abrasive and instead use warm water and gentle cleaners.

Soft brushes and squeegees as cleaning tools will prevent scratches. Technicians will have experience working in high places, too, to do the job safely. 

Keep Your Warranty

It's important to be aware that some solar panel companies require routine maintenance to keep the warranty. It's always smart to check the fine print to see if that's the case. If so, you'll need to be proactive about scheduling maintenance. 

Even if that feels like a burden, know that it will help you get the most from your solar panels. And you won't void your warranty. 

If you do void your warranty, you'll be picking up the costs of future repairs. And these costs can soar to thousands of dollars if you face a significant repair. For example, replacing an inverter can cost at least $1,000.

Most solar panel warranties cover the cost of the panels plus other components. These may include the wiring systems. Warranties will cover materials as well as issues related to installation. 

You can expect most solar panel warranties to extend around 15 or 20 years. Some may cover equipment for around 10 years, though, so it's smart to check the fine print. And choose a local installation company so you can get maintenance more easily. 

Pursue Solar Maintenance Services

Solar maintenance services can help ensure that your panels are functioning at their highest potential. You'll help maintain your warranty, too, and catch smaller problems before they snowball into bigger ones. Additionally, routine maintenance helps keep your panels functioning for their expected lifespan. 

Find more solar panel maintenance tips. Check back soon for new and informative articles!


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