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The Stockton Group - The Fabulous Five

Tye Stockton, Tom Dunn, Patrick Barrett, Bari Wiens and Brooke Maline are the fab five of The Stockton Group with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty - The #1 Brokerage Team of 2018 and coming in with an even stronger 2019. They are training for real estate the same way they train for athletics and life and that means no halfways. The sky is the limit and their focus is Vail/Beaver Creek/Bachelor Gulch.

Olivia Daane (OD): What moves you right now? What makes The Stockton Group unique? It takes more than business acumen to hit these numbers!

Tye Stockton (TS): What moves us now and every day is our relentless commitment to improving what we do for our clients: better negotiations, internal tools, how we collaborate. We are a team, so we put a lot into our back of house service so we can have success out in the field.

OD: Stockton boasts a small but well-rounded team that is proud of its diverse backgrounds. It takes a commitment to live in the mountains and a resort like Vail. How do you succeed in connecting people to this place and particular lifestyle? What do you each bring to the table?

Patrick Barrett (PB): Our team is set up to service anybody, any type of client. With our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we know how to identify with different clients, and different client needs. I have a great deal of experience with Latin American clients, and speak fluent Spanish from time I spent in South America as a volunteer after college. That has been an integral part of my success in the real estate business, as we have a strong international clientele in Vail.

Tom Dunn (TD): I was raised in Galveston an graduated from the University of Texas. I moved here to ski and ride my bike. I spent time on the mountain and went from concierge to property management. My service background and lifestyle choice helps me serve clients who want what we have.

Bari Wiens (BW): With a graphic design and marketing background and from a real estate family myself, I knew real estate would be on my career list. I love the Sotheby’s brand with their global reach. We are a team and act like our own individual brokerage. Brooke is extremely efficient in handling all of our back of house items.

OD: What is the landscape of the Vail market? Is there a finite amount of property to move in a place as sought after in your gorgeous mountain valley?

TS: We deal in obsolescence replacement. Right now we have five or six new construction projects. We have a reputation for handling those projects soup to nuts. We employ technology to make those come alive: elaborate floor plans, renderings, animation; we do it all under our umbrella of service. We can start from the beginning or come in to sell at the finish line. This last year we shattered records!

OD: What is a goal as a company, a brand and a leader?

TS: We just celebrated that we were the only group passing 100 million in sales for a few years now. We have our eyes set on $200 million and we would have reached it had we not moved a big deal into January. We look at numbers not as a metric but how we achieve a quality level of service: 3-D tours, professional copyrights, copious notes on finishes and unique features in the homes. More than 90 percent of our listings don’t involve electronic lockboxes...we show up and we greet people. We don’t want to be #1 by a little bit, we want to be #1 by a mile!

Tye loves skiing, hiking and fishing, the outdoors, time with his kids and wife and tinkering with his 78 landcruiser. He promises, “Selling real estate is still one of my favorite hobbies. Balance in life is a battle.” There are clearly no halfway’s for him at home or as a business leader.

“I task my team with staying involved in the community, not because it is good for business, but because you care about it.” Tye serves on the board of Bravo! Vail, for whom he used to set up stages and Ski Club Vail because he wants to support his own kids and others to get outside. His drive comes partly from athletics with his background as a college baseball player. “We can keep kids pushing themselves, we can increase their chances to be good citizens and active and successful in whatever their endeavors are in life.”

The Stockton Group gives beyond their business passion. After a recent 19 million sale Pat and Tye closed, they took funds from this marquis sale and gave the neighborhood the opportunity to give back to an organization of their choice.

TS: Most of us want to be in a community where there is an accountability. It is fun when you have clients in town and you are taking them around and everyone knows your name; for those people to feel that connectivity in our community. It is important for our buyer to buy the whole lifestyle. We all have only so much QTR (quality time remaining)!

OD: You have the luxury of connecting to the community as well as to this world-renowned backyard to nature and the chance to feel the seasons. Perhaps that is how Stockton can be #131 in the nation?

TS: How many people can grab our bike or skis and take a 2 hour vacation?! We think of ourselves as global real estate advisors and we love our relationship with Sotheby’s International Realty. It connects us to the best brokers across the real estate landscape. We stay light years ahead of our competitors utilizing those tools, innovating and being creative to serve our clients the very best we can.

OD: What is your hottest listing up for grabs right now?

TS: We have an amazing property listing on what we consider the single, best site in Vail Valley- 375 Mill Creek Circle. It is ski-in/ski-out designed by Fitzhugh Scott and Gordon Pierce, pioneers for the architecture and design in Vail Village. The woodworking is Hawaiian koa, which is very rare and it was built by the best builder, Shaffer construction. This is not mountain modern, it is a timeless Austrian hunting chalet. With a re-fresh, this house will be there forever and won’t ever fall out of style.

This team brings themselves into the job. It is clear they care about each other and they will care about you. The Stockton Group is on a mission to break records while building a foundation to stand the test of time just like their current listing. Fearless leader Tye Stockton knows they’ve got what it takes, “We are poised for $200 million in 2020 and there is no looking back for this group!”

Their playlist:

TD: Del Mar, Leon Bridges...honestly I admit my 16 year old daughter Ella and I listen to the same obscure playlist including really bad gangster rap... but it is good.

Patrick Barrett: I am a child of the 80s, married to a Texan with a two and a four-year-old. Our house goes from George Strait to Whitney Houston to Baby Shark…loud.

Bari Wiens: Susan Tedeschi, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Widespread Panic, Dr. John

TS: Our choice in music selection is just as diverse as our talent as a team. My roots are in Southern rock: Allman Brothers, Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Faith Hill, Kenney Chesney. Music tells us a story about our lives. I love reggae because I grew up at the beach.


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