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The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery: Setting Realistic Expectations

For a lot of people, looks matter, and the reality is that cosmetic surgery is on the rise. Statistics show that in 2022, there were more than 14.9 million surgical cosmetic procedures conducted globally. An 11.2% increase from 2022. As you set realistic expectations for cosmetic surgery, if you're a surgeon considering starting your own practice in New York, check out this guide on llc filing new york to help set your business expectations, too.

In some countries, like South Korea, where there is often a significant emphasis on appearance, it isn’t uncommon for people of both sexes to seek cosmetic procedures. If you are insecure about a certain part of your body and are thinking about surgery, read on.

In this article, we will explore the importance of setting realistic expectations and understand some of the lesser-known aspects of the process.

Understand The Different Procedures and Their Limitations 

Most people tend to have a specific body part that they wish to target. Some, however, wish to get surgery but are unsure how to proceed. If the overarching goal is to “look better,” where do you even start? It opens you up to a lot of questions that warrant self-reflection. However, that is a topic for another time.

For now, let us take a brief look at the different types of cosmetic procedures and what you can realistically expect from them.


For some reason, this one tends to get a bad reputation when it is actually an option that’s relatively easy to get right. Hollywood is largely responsible for making it seem like Botox turns your face into stone. (Think Jordan Sullivan from the hit TV series Scrubs.) 

The truth is that Botox can give you a surprisingly balanced reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 


More commonly referred to as a ‘nose job,’ this often leads people to believe that you can have the perfect nose with surgery. The truth is that surgeons don’t have the ability to shape your nose like it’s made from clay. The final results of rhinoplasty highly depend on your existing nasal structure. 


Also known as a tummy tuck, this is another popular procedure. It won’t completely remove all stretchy skin, but it definitely helps contour your body by dealing with excess fat and skin.  


When people hear of facelifts, they expect that they will create an unnatural or overly tight appearance. However, in most cases, it does a great job of reducing sagginess, and this improvement can last for several years. 

With all these procedures, going in with wild expectations is only going to lead to disappointment. This is why finding a good surgeon and clinic is so important. Let’s explore this aspect a little further. 

The Hunt for the Best Clinic

The cosmetic surgery industry in some parts of the country does have more experience. For instance, in Florida, cities like Miami are hot spots for all things glamorous. There might be several great clinics and surgeons that provide cosmetic surgeries. 

However, there are also fraudulent and unethical practices that happen. 

They often try to manipulate people with promises of wonderful transformations that are backed by photoshopped before and after pictures.

Ayana Dermatology & Aesthetics results in Fort Lauderdale give you a good idea about the kind of transformation you can actually hope to achieve. The differences are clearly visible and are realistically achievable for most people. Unfortunately, trying to find clinics that actually have your best interests in mind is not as easy as it should be. 

There are simply too many people who are gullible and easy to manipulate. When you consider the money involved with each procedure, it’s no wonder that there are so many fraudulent surgeons and clinics. 

Here are a few ways to ensure you don’t put yourself in harm’s way:

1. Research the Surgeon and Clinic

Ultimately, this is the most important action that you need to take. Researching the surgeon and clinic will require a number of steps. These include verifying credentials and ensuring that the clinic and its staff actually have all the necessary training and certifications. 

Similarly, don’t just look at the testimonials on the clinic’s website. Instead, take a look at reviews posted on public platforms. This includes reviews left on their business listing on Google and even posts and comments in online communities. 

If the clinic is even a little noteworthy, it’s likely that people are talking about it online. People tend to be very honest about their experiences on semi-anonymous places like Reddit. At the same time, if you see someone giving a clinic a lot of praise, check their profile page.

If all their posts involve glowing positive comments, it’s likely someone who’s been paid to influence public opinion. This happens more often than you’d think. 

2. Visit the Facility Beforehand

Something else that can help is visiting the clinic in person before you commit to anything. Until you do this, you are receiving a highly curated portrayal by the clinic. When you visit the place in person, it allows you to get a sense of the facilities’ cleanliness and professionalism.

You also get to meet the staff and see first-hand what the patient experience is like. You might even be able to meet the surgeon if they are free and gauge their trustworthiness. How willing are they to address your concerns? Try to be very perceptive. 

More importantly, you want to get a feel for the atmosphere. Shady clinics almost always set off alarm bells because humans can easily detect insincerity. If your gut feeling is bad, leave and find somewhere else. 

3. Be Aware of Pressure Tactics

At times, a seemingly honest clinic can also engage in some less-than-ethical behaviors. This is most often seen when they try to pressure you to try additional procedures. A good surgeon will prioritize your needs rather than try to upsell you unnecessary treatments. 

Likewise, watch out for emotional manipulation. It’s not unheard of for some clinics to try to subtly make you feel insecure about your looks. Don’t fall prey to such tactics, and learn to put your foot down immediately. 

In conclusion, cosmetic surgery can be a great option for many who long wish to deal with their insecurities. While popular opinion might tell us to be secure with who we are, it isn’t always easy and straightforward. 

If you wish to get work done, do your research and listen to your heart. As long as you set realistic expectations and seek out reputable surgeons, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. 


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