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The Only Defense Device That Instantly Sends One-Touch GPS Location Alerts

Finally, a ‘smart’ defense device to match our tech-advanced lifestyle. Named one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Products by Bluetooth SIG, Tigerlight’s D.A.D (Defense Alert Device) is definitely something you want to have in-hand. It’s no ordinary pepper spray, but an instrument of protection augmented with technology you can actually rely on. It’s endorsed by top Self Defense Trainers, Military and Police Trainers as the #1 Non-lethal personal defense device in the world, regardless of price. It’s a four-in-one device with chemical spray, flashlight, bluetooth GPS, and an app with state-of-the-art technology. Alongside this you can of course have the normal self defense of a firearm which you keep in a safe way just in case, you may need things like offset iron sights for them too.

The best part is its one-touch GPS notifier to alert contacts if you’re in danger. The moment you press the chemical spray button, it simultaneously alerts contacts of your exact location. In addition to location alerts, the device also has dual utility as a flashlight. Because of this, if an attack occurs, it’s 10,000 times more likely to be in hand than any other defense device. Additionally, it is 10 times more likely to remain in hand during a sudden, physical attack. Why? The hand strap. Most people would drop any device not secured to the hand if physically attacked.

Countless survivor testimonies substantiate Tigerlight's claim that it’s the #1 defense device to carry at all times. In Kortney Blatter’s case, her D.A.D. stood between her an attacker while she was abroad. As a 17-year-old girl living in Italy, 6,000 miles away from home, her parents urged her to carry the defense device while she was out at night. When she and a friend were approached by an attacker on the streets of Italy, she was prepared with the D.A.D. and sprayed the attacker. Simultaneously, D.A.D. notified her family in Utah, via the app, email, and text, that their daughter was in danger. They subsequently used GPS tracking to identify her location and ensure her safety. Kortney says, “I’m SO grateful for this incredible technology! It has given me peace of mind and more confidence going into scary situations. EVERYONE should have a D.A.D.!"

D.A.D.’s chemical spray is more than two times as likely to incapacitate an attacker than normal sprays or other non-lethal devices like stun guns. Pepper sprays and stun guns have a 50% - 70% stop rate, whereas a D.A.D. has more than a 96% stop rate. The reason: the chemical spray is superior due to the pattern and velocity of which it is disseminated. And more importantly, the stealth method of disbursement does not allow the attacker to close their eyes or hold their breath, which dramatically increases the D.A.D.’s ability to incapacitate attackers. When using a non-inconspicuous protection device like regular pepper spray or a taser, the attacker has a split second to defend themselves, a quick reaction, that impacts the effectiveness of victim’s defense. The gadget is coated with a beautiful, scratch resistant metalized finish, which adds to its stealth nature.

The device is created from light-weight polycarbonate, the same material used to make bullet resistant windows as well as NFL football helmets. If needed, it is also highly effective as an impact/striking device, all adding to the number of ways D.A.D.® protects its user like no other device can.

To set up DAD’s location alerts, you simply download their app and complete the easy-to-follow instructions. After setting up the contacts you want to alert in case of danger, you can also test the system and the device with their ‘practice canister.’ You can also change the settings to include location alerts for ‘crowd alerts’ which would notify anyone who has the app (not only your contacts) within a mile radius of your distress and pinpoint your location. This ‘crowd alert’ technology is crucial and could be life saving, especially in cases of college campuses where attacks have occurred in crowded areas but have devastatingly gone unseen and unheard. Help could have been a single touch away - if more people had the app.


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