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Trilith: A Town for Creating

Located across from Trilith Studios, home of the Marvel’s Avengers movies, Trilith is a community where makers, entrepreneurs and storytellers can find fulfillment in all aspects of the town from its thoughtfully designed homes, retail district, beautifully landscaped green spaces and art installations.

Inspired by Europe’s walkable and picturesque villages, Trilith takes elements from the ancient world and Renaissance-era architecture and adds a twist of modern style and Hollywood luxury to create a harmonious blend of uniquely functional and beautiful homes. From the modern Nordic homes and Georgian London facades to the fairy-tale cottages and Provencal micro village, each home is purposefully crafted to be sustainable, timeless and stunning.

Throughout the award-winning new urbanist community, remarkable sculptures and brilliant murals by local artists decorate the town to emphasize the community’s creativity. When the community is complete, it will include 1,450 front doors, which is comprised of 750 homes, 600 multifamily dwellings and 300 hotel rooms.

The town has committed 51% of its land to green space. Each home is located on or adjacent to “pocket parks” to ensure each resident has access to green spaces. A resort-stye swimming pool, a remarkable dog park, 15 miles of trails, a boardwalk though adjacent wetlands, as well as tennis courts, a basketball court and multiple playgrounds all add to the sense of place.

Additionally, each home is harnessed with geothermal energy which allows the natural temperature of the earth’s crust to regulate the temperature of homes or water. The community is one of the largest geothermal communities in the world.

Trilith Homes are priced from the $500s - $2M+.


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