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Precisely. A Certified Classic.

Tutima Glashütte’s first Certified Chronometer

Since Tutima’s return to Glashütte and its manufacture status, this family owned brand has been introducing timepieces that are iconic, technical and professional grade. And the Grand Flieger Chronometer is no exception.

The Grand Flieger models make up a new collection which inherits its DNA from The Classic Fliegerchronograph from the 40’s, a timepiece which set many industry standards in terms of aesthetics and has become the personification of a classic aviation chronograph.

Now, after decades of research and development, the Grand Flieger Chronographs have been improved in every aspect. The 43mm case has been reshaped to provide a more comfortable fit on the wrist, while improvements to the crown, pushers and crystal have allowed for a water resistance rating to 200m. But perhaps the most noteworthy addition to this new chronograph is what happens after the watch is fully assembled.

In an independent facility, governed by the State department of weights and measurements of Saxony (SLME) and Thuringia (LMET) and in accordance with German DIN standards, each fully finished chronograph must pass a 15 day timing and climate test, to earn its title as a Certified Chronometer. “Chronometer” is a special classification issued to highly accurate watches like the ones developed for early maritime travel. The test, performed in a controlled environment, evaluates the accuracy of each timepiece in 5 different positions with temperature variants ranging from 8-38 degrees Celsius and an average daily deviation allowance of -4 to +6 seconds for every 24 hours. Moreover, since the test is performed on timepieces that are fully finished and assembled as they are delivered to the client, the results are far more relevant and reassuring.

Every Grand Flieger Chronograph bears the engraving “Chronometer” on the case side and is presented with a Certified Chronometer certificate.


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