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Tyler Ellis - The Lyon Collection - Luxury by Nature

Tyler Ellis, the daughter of the iconic fashion designer Perry Ellis and Hollywood TV writer and executive Barbara Gallagher, launched her eponymous luxury accessories brand in 2011. Her season-less designs balance luxury and function with a timeless elegance. As a result, Tyler’s handbags have become a mainstay on Hollywood’s international red carpets.

“My dad passed away when I was 18 months old, so I have no personal memories of him,” Tyler says. “But after researching his life and hearing personal stories from my mom and his peers, I see so many similarities between me and my father. He was a very private man who took his career extremely seriously, dreaming big and striving for nothing but the best. Yet what he loved most was spending time with close friends and family, sharing funny stories over delicious food and fine wine…enjoying life. Unique points of view I find innate in me.”

Tyler’s creations are brought to life by multi-generational artisans outside of Florence, Italy. Each bag is constructed by hand, with made to order and customizable options available. Tyler Ellis represents an impassioned commitment to couture and the highest quality craftsmanship garnering the brand a global following.

How did handbags become your chosen focus of fashion expertise?

I have always loved accessories, specifically handbags, but what pushed me towards designing my own label was that I found women all over the world carrying the same few luxury labels. This inspired me to set out to create unique products with the same exquisite quality of the established houses, but with the charm of a boutique brand.

What inspires your unique and bold designs?

Unlike most emerging brands, I’m not designing for the next fleeting trend, but rather to slowly and steadily build the foundation for my legacy. Luxury labels don’t pop up overnight, they take years to form by defining their own unique brand DNA, gaining consumer trust and industry respect. My seasonless collections are named after significant places, not the typical fashion calendar, because I design timeless shapes that are not solely of or for the moment, but silhouettes that are meant to remain relevant for generations to come.

What is your creative process when designing a new bag?

My inspirations for new designs come at random times from all aspects of my life and travels. The Stella Handbag, a silhouette I introduced this spring was inspired by a vintage fireplace bellow (shaped like an accordion) that I noticed while watching a movie. I immediately scribbled down a sketch and a note to research the shape. In the next few days I worked to perfect my sketch. I then emailed it, along with my desired dimensions and any visuals that help further express my vision to my factory in Italy.

There they begin the process by hand cutting a new pattern out of thick construction paper that serves as the guide for the new design. A sample is then hand constructed in Salpa, a soft cardboard like material, that is sent to me for any corrections. Once approved by me, a leather version is made, which me or a member of my team will then use in order to make sure all aspects of the bag function properly before releasing my new design.

How would you describe your new collection?

Each season I select skins and textiles that speak to me and this year there were two standouts that drove my collection, Peacock lizard and Kryptonite python. These skins brought me back in time to a Chateau outside of Lyon, France. When I stepped into that garden I remember gazing off into the spectacular field of green, and for a moment not having a care in the world.

The Lyon Collection is inspired by Mother Nature’s inherent gifts to society, which I bring to life in my artisanal silhouettes. Whimsical feathers represent trees blowing in the wind, glistening Bohemian Emerald Swarovski crystals mimic dew drops on the deep green leaves, the Kryptonite python highlights the sun’s reflection off the bright green grass and the Sapphire antiqued leathers serve as the subtle sparkle of the nights sky. Our lives are filled with so much chaos, never forget to stop for a moment and take in the unbelievable natural beauty the Earth creates for us, especially in this difficult year impacted by COVID.

Inspired by Lyon’s serene, historic countryside, Tyler Ellis’ Fall 2020 collection highlights nature’s inherent beauty by embodying its vibrant hues. From unique silhouettes embellished in sparkling Swarovski crystals to exotics reminiscent of the rich hues of a Peacock’s feathers, these are eye-catching designs that will resonate for generations to come. Structured architectural shapes are softened with radiant metallic hides and custom metal accents, while classic styles are emboldened with an electric emerald palette. The French countryside’s tranquil atmosphere allows one to step back and enjoy all of nature’s incredible gifts to humanity.

On a trip to Vatican City, Tyler came across the Fontana della Pigna, the iconic bronze statue that sits in Pigna Court, which is the inspiration behind the pinecone that has become the spirit behind the Ellis brand. Pinecones embody the ancient symbol of the third eye, representing the highest form of spiritual awakening, perfection and much more. The symbol can be found throughout historic art and architecture, from the tops of Pharaoh’s staffs, to unique decorations on European dwellings. Pinecones adorn the zippers, feet and fasteners of many of Tyler’s designs. These gorgeous details went through multiple hand carved wax castings to create our signature pinecone.

Nestled between a rushing river and ripe vineyards, Tyler’s designs are handmade at a multi-generational factory in Le Sieci, Italy. The intricate production process takes between two and three days to construct each handcrafted piece depending upon design details and the materials used. Satins and crushed velvets are manually backed to provide extra stability, leathers and skins are cut by hand to ensure ultimate precision and Swarovski crystals are heat-stamped on to obtain maximum durability. From the beautifully hand-stitched accents to the meticulously hand-painted edges to the eye-catching hardware customized for each design, the highly trained native artisans utilize their honed skills to bring Tyler’s visions to life.

Two luxury brands, Tyler Ellis and Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort in Los Cabos, both beloved by celebrities and well-heeled globe trotters alike, have teamed up to create a limited-time collection of beautiful handbags inspired by the resort. Launching Thanksgiving weekend for the Winter 2020/2021 season, the designs will be available for retail both online (on here) and at Las Ventanas’ ‘La Tienda.’ The collection will feature three unique bags all of which are light weight, easy to travel with and water resistant. The “Signature ‘Paraiso’ Tote” is perfect for the pool and beach as it’s meant to hold all of the necessities without hurting the interiors, while the special edition “Marilyn ‘Jelly’ Handbag” is semi-structured and has cross-body straps, making them ideal for walks on the beach or a trip into town. Each of the bags are designed for Las Ventanas al Parasio and features the resort’s iconic view. The Marilyn ‘Jelly’ Handbag comes in Smurf Blue and Minion Yellow while the Signature ‘Paraiso’ Tote comes in Pearl White. Tyler Ellis designs are carried by influential women worldwide, from Jennifer Lopez to Cate Blanchett to Gigi Hadid. Known for classic silhouettes with a modern twist, the brand has been crowned the “Hottest Red-Carpet Bags” by The Hollywood Reporter and “Awards Season’s Must-Have Bags” by The LA Times.


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