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Why Education Is So Important

Marketing Strategies for Growth

When it comes to choosing schools or educational services, consumers weigh their options carefully. This makes effective marketing essential for the education industry.

Several articles emphasize the importance of digital marketing in higher education. They highlight the need for a mobile-friendly website and the use of short-form videos on platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Social media

Social media is a great marketing strategy for schools, as it can help them establish and maintain a strong brand identity. It can also be used to reach out to prospective students and parents. The key is to focus on the most popular platforms and identify the needs of your audience. This will allow you to create content that is relevant and effective.

Education marketers should consider using lookalike audiences to target prospective students and parents. These targeted groups can be defined by demographics, location, interests, and behavior. Using these targeting options will increase your chances of getting more leads and enrollments.

A consolidated digital marketing strategy across different channels is essential for a school’s success. This will not only improve brand awareness but will also drive organic traffic to your website and app. To achieve this, you should work with a specialized educational app development company such as ComboApp. These companies have the expertise and resources to develop an effective educational app marketing strategy that will help your school stand out from the competition.

Lookalike audiences

In education marketing, lookalike audiences are a great tool to target prospective students. They can be created from a variety of sources, including customer files, website traffic, app activity, and offline interactions. A key to success with lookalike audiences is using high-quality data that is relevant to your business goals.

To avoid overspending, it’s a good idea to set a small budget for your lookalike audience. This way, you can test its effectiveness and see if it’s profitable before scaling up. It may take anywhere from 6-24 hours for a lookalike to appear.

Meta recommends starting with a 1% audience similarity, though larger percentages can be effective in awareness-driven campaigns. Once the lookalike is created, you can use it to target Facebook ads. It’s important to test different sizes to find the right ones for your business. Email messages that include personalized content are 26% more likely to be opened than those without personalization. Personalized content also ensures consistency across your branding, which increases brand recognition.

Content marketing

In addition to digital marketing, educational institutions can also take advantage of traditional methods such as email and brochures. These strategies can produce high ROIs and help increase enrollment and student activities.

Creating valuable content can help schools build a trusted brand image, which will improve their marketing opportunities down the road. It can also attract students who are looking for a specific type of education or learning environment.

It’s also important for schools to ensure their websites are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. This will improve user experience and boost traffic. A website that is not mobile-friendly may lead to higher abandonment rates.

It’s also a good idea to create a content offer, such as a free download of a viewbook or eBook on the value of private schooling. This will encourage potential parents to make a decision sooner. You can also use social media to promote your school’s content.

Referrals and reviews

When implementing marketing strategies for education, it’s important to use a centralized platform that can handle all the different aspects of the campaign. This allows you to monitor the performance of every channel, including email open rates and enrollment numbers. It also gives you a clear picture of what is working and what needs to be improved.

A robust education marketing strategy should focus on establishing the brand identity and promoting the institution’s value proposition to prospective students and their parents. Successful campaigns highlight the benefits of attending the school, such as its career-relevant curriculum and flexible learning opportunities. They should also emphasize the school’s ability to provide a personalized learning experience for its students.

Additionally, schools should implement local SEO and PPC to increase website visibility and improve the likelihood of attracting qualified leads. This will include targeting specific keywords and bidding on search engine results pages. Furthermore, social media channels should be used to build brand awareness and encourage engagement with the school.


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