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Winter hunting in North America

Pay attention to winter hunting if you have enough money and are looking for entertainment that can give you unforgettable emotions. This activity is viral in different countries of North America and is in demand among hunters of all ages. Only it makes it possible to simultaneously get a good trophy, enjoy the beauty of snow-covered landscapes, listen to silence, and breathe clean air.

Features of winter hunting in North America

North America is a hunter's paradise. There are many stunning places on its territory to enjoy wildlife and get a good trophy. Winter hunting is considered especially interesting. It gives incomparable emotions and makes you take a fresh look at your favorite activity. You need to know all its features for the hunt to be perfect and not create any problems for you. First of all, it is essential to understand that in most countries in North America, you must obtain a license that allows hunting activities. It is paid, and all the money collected from hunters goes to maintaining the population of various animals, promoting legal hunting methods, and protecting the environment.

Almost all of North America has a ban on hunting certain species of animals during the winter season. It should not be violated, as this is fraught with various fines. To avoid such troubles, you need to find out in advance which representatives of the fauna are legally allowed to shoot in winter and which are not. The following important feature is the variability of the weather. In many countries of North America, winter is a fairly common occurrence, which creates specific difficulties for hunters. However, if you carefully prepare for any weather surprises, you can eliminate various troubles.

In North America, daytime hunting and nighttime winter hunting are allowed. This option is quite specific and requires additional preparation. At the same time, it will enable hunters to get a full range of emotions and truly enjoy the process. You will have to use thermal binoculars and other similar optics to track animals in the dark. Without them, finding potential prey will be almost impossible.

The best animals for winter hunting

North America is home to thousands of animal species, some active during the winter. They are the ones who most often become the main objects of hunting. If you want to get a luxurious trophy, then choose ungulates. Winter hunting for them is allowed almost everywhere, except in the territories of national parks and places under the protection of environmental organizations. Among the ungulates, the most common trophies are antelope, moose, and caribou. They are widely distributed in the USA and Canada, so finding a suitable place for hunting will be as easy as possible.

If the goal of your winter hunting is to obtain tasty, healthy and nutritious meat, then choose wild boar. In many states and provinces, they are a pest, and hunting season is open all year. Finding wild boars in winter is relatively easy. They leave characteristic tracks in the snow that are difficult to confuse with the tracks of other animals. Among small game, the most popular among winter hunting enthusiasts are hares. Their different species are found throughout North America. They often settle in forests and feed mainly on tree bark, bush branches and other plant foods. It is near various vegetation that you need to look for long-eared mammals. In addition to all the animals listed above, wolves, coyotes, cougars, lynxes, and foxes are popular among North American hunters.

In winter, you can also enjoy bird hunting. The most popular of these are pheasants, partridges and wild turkeys. All of them are found in the USA, Canada, and other North American countries, so you can always find a suitable location to hunt these birds. Most often, birds settle in the most inaccessible places. If the winter is snowy enough, then to get them, you will have to wade through numerous snowdrifts.

Popular locations for hunting in winter

North America occupies a vast territory, so the number of available places for hunting is in the tens of hundreds. Most such locations are predictably located in the USA and Canada.

Many people call Alaska the best place for winter hunting. This state is the most sparsely populated in the United States, so much of its territory is occupied by wildlife. In winter, it is transformed due to snowfalls and becomes fabulously beautiful. Alaska is not hospitable for hunters. She meets them with severe cold, snow storms and high snowdrifts. However, if you prepare correctly, you can acquire hunting skills that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Alaska is home to many species of animals and birds. Hunters often come for black bears, lynx, hares and various ungulates.

An alternative to Alaska could be Montana. Its territory is home to moose, deer, cougars, wolves, and other mammals, as well as many species of birds active in winter. Hunting for them always becomes exciting, and the beauty of the local nature makes it even better. Also, popular places for winter hunting in the USA are Wyoming, North Dakota, and Maine.

In Canada, hunting enthusiasts most often come to the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta during the cold season. Their forests are home to many predatory mammals, ungulates, and various species of birds. The most popular hunting targets are cougars. Hunters come to Canada from all over North America for the sake of obtaining such a trophy. In addition, winter hunting is permitted for coyotes, moose, caribou, hares, and partridges. This is not a complete list of available animals and birds that can become excellent trophies.

Recommendations from professional hunters

Winter is unforgiving, so if you want to hunt at this time of year, you must carefully prepare and consider every little nuance. If you are a beginner, it is also essential to listen to the recommendations of professional hunters. Their advice will help you avoid many problems and complete the event. The first recommendation, of course, concerns safety. In winter, hunters are exposed to low temperatures, so dressing as warmly as possible is essential. Otherwise, frostbite and other troubles are likely. In addition, always try to avoid various bodies of water and remember that even thick ice on a river or lake can crack. If you find yourself in icy water, you won't have much chance of survival. We should never forget about the presence of dangerous predators in hunting areas. In winter, they are almost always hungry, so they can even attack an armed person.

Experienced hunters advise beginners always to use camouflage. It should help blend in with the snow and become invisible to the animal’s eyes. It is advisable to use unique sets for winter hunting, consisting of a jacket, trousers, gloves, hat and other clothing items. They all have the same camouflage pattern, which makes it possible to become less noticeable against the background of white snow. Particular attention should be paid to shoes. In North America, most winter hunting locations do not have snow problems. If you choose the wrong shoes, it can get inside the shoe, melt and make your feet wet. You also need to pay attention to the sole. It should be non-slip and as durable as possible.

In winter, the weather is unpredictable. Clear skies can quickly become cloudy, and heavy snowfall can begin. Therefore, before you go hunting, you must devise a way to escape the weather. The best solution would be to study the area and find a suitable natural shelter. Bad weather may sometimes force you to spend more time hunting than initially planned. Therefore, you should always take food and water supplies with you.

Winter hunting is a particular activity that attracts the attention of even the rich and famous. It allows you to see the beauty of nature that awaits the arrival of spring and get a boost of energy for many days to come. Walking through snowy forests and tracking down your prey, you will overcome many snowdrifts, find yourself knee-deep in snow several times, and spend much energy but still return home in a good mood. If you also manage to get a good trophy, then for some time, you will become the happiest person on the planet.


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