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Airshare - Private Aviation Reimagined

When it comes to private aviation companies, almost none can match the simplicity and practicality of Airshare. Unlike models that hand you a bank of hours along with confusing terms and complicated fee structures, Airshare’s straightforward program provides you with unlimited* flight hours in a day. That means you can fly to as many destinations as you want in a day without worrying about how many hours you’re burning through. And more destinations mean more business done. By adding the Challenger 350 to its fractional program, Airshare elevates itself, yet again, in the world of private travel.

Now, with the opportunity to fly in the Challenger 350, getting all that business done can feel downright luxurious.

The Challenger 350

With the most spacious cabin in its class and the ability to fly up to 7.5 hours without a single fuel stop, the Challenger 350 brings more room, more range and more opportunities. When it comes to reliability, speed, performance and overall cabin experience, no other aircraft in the super midsize category can compare. And, with the quietest cabin in its class as well as an exceptionally smooth ride, you’re sure to find pleasure in every type of trip.

The Challenger 350’s stand-up cabin can carry up to nine passengers, allowing you to take more guests with you wherever you need to go. Its long range gives you the freedom to travel nonstop coast to coast as well as Hawaii and several destinations in Central America and the Caribbean. Flying high in style, the plane’s interior boasts finishes that will leave you at ease as well as technology that will always keep you connected.

The Challenger 350 & The Airshare Difference

With the ability to fly this luxurious jet unlimited* hours in a day, your world of possibilities just opened up. Want to take the whole team to a quick meeting across the country? You can do that. Want to plan a luxurious last-minute family getaway to the Caribbean? You can do that too. You not only have more room and range at your disposal, with Airshare, you have more hours too.

Another unique advantage that Airshare gives you is that, unlike with other programs, your plane and crew stay with you throughout the day when you need them to. So, if your meeting ends early, your Challenger 350 will be there waiting to take you wherever you need to go. Or, if you want to add an additional destination on the fly, you can do that too. Airshare makes this luxurious jet all yours for the day.

As an Airshare fractional owner, you’ll also be able to save up to 25% off your hourly rate when you leave from and return to the same city on the same day. And, if you should ever have a smaller group or a shorter trip, you can always interchange down to a smaller plane if you’d like.

If you’ve simply been waiting for the right time to take the leap into private aviation, or if you’re already a frequent private flier, the addition of the Challenger 350 makes the best fractional program in private aviation even better. More than ever before, the possibilities – and the luxury – are limitless.

Founded in 2000, Airshare’s mission is to deliver unparalleled service and flexibility every day to elevate the productivity and lifestyles of our customers. Our unwavering commitment to safety has earned us the highest certifications available, while our dedication to simplicity and efficiency makes us the ideal partner to help you grow your business.

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*Based on customer’s allocation of days with

a maximum 14-hour crew day.


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