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AKILLIS x Jitrois - A New Take on Ethno-Rock Allure

Jean-Claude Jitrois, the stretch-leather specialist and a longtime friend has joined forces with Caroline Gaspard the creator of AKILLIS jewelry for a one-of-a-kind collaboration: a capsule collection inspired by her recent Tattoo jewelry line, offering men and women an initiation into the world of jewelry tattoos.

A send-up to tribal tattoo art that traces its origins to the Pacific islands, this collection will land close to the hearts of lovers of jewelry tattoos.

The creativity of Caroline Gaspard combines with the savoir-faire and signature pieces of the Maison Jitrois. She re-interprets these ethnic motifs through the clever use of embroidered stretch-leather meshwork. A tour de force of technical innovation!

Designed as a second skin, the pieces in this collaboration boast cut-outs and inlays in stylish and unique shapes, an interplay of transparency that pays homage to the Oceanic traditions of carved tattoos.

As a pair, Caroline and Jean-Claude develop their shared taste for paradox and offer a collection where waves, harpoons, spirals, and arrows meld and clash in a harmony of opposites. The iconic styles of Maison Jitrois (the black-stretch-leather Nayala dress, the Rider jacket) emerge with a new look of elegance from a fresh, Ethno-Rock angle.

For die-hard fans of these brands, this capsule collection will be available on It will also be available in the Paris and London Jitrois boutiques and at the main Jitrois retailers (Selfridges, Popp-Kretschmer, 55 Croisette, Pretty You, Dadelszen).


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