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Alps & Meters - Classic Alpine Sportswear Designed by Tradition

Alps & Meters began with the discovery of a vintage ski sweater on a snow-filled trip to the village of Åre, Sweden. Since inception, it has been our mission to build a brand on a set of traditional values that reflect our deep appreciation for authentic alpine sport and to create timeless alpine apparel with uncompromising performance.

Alps & Meters culture, stories, and products reflect the timeless, nostalgic, and rich experiences that many of us have enjoyed in mountain villages around the world.

Collezione Alpina Italiana

Famous for its centuries old heritage and timeless commitment to fine Italian tailoring, the Loro Piana family stands among the world’s elite luxury textile mills and garment technicians. Bound firmly by an appreciation for traditional methods of making, iconic items from Alps & Meters’ outerwear collection receive the benefit of hand made Italian craftsmanship using superlative Loro Piana Storm System® cloth. With meticulous attention paid to elevated fibers and first class finishing the Collezione Alpina Italiana delivers an elite expression of rich alpine sportswear suitable for the chateaus of the Alps and high streets of Paris, Milan, London, or New York.

Built With Loro Piana Storm System® Fabric

Loro Piana Storm System® is an extraordinary generation of fabrics that combines the insulating and thermal properties of wool, cashmere and other natural fibers with protection against snow, wind and rain. Storm System® comprises a double barrier: Rain System® water repellent treatment, and exclusive hydrophilic membranes that are water resistant, transpiring and windproof. The hydrophilic membrane, applied to the back of the fabric through a lamination process designed and implemented by Loro Piana, is micro molecular, without pores. It is water repellent yet perfectly breathable, lightweight, elastic and resistant, creating an invisible barrier around each fiber so that drops of water bead away from the surface while protecting the fabric from dust, dirt and liquid stains.

Born In The Foothills Of The Italian Alps

Originally from Trivero in northern Italy, the Loro Piana family began trading wool in the early 1800s. In 1924, Pietro Loro Piana founded Ing. Loro Piana & C., the current company. Pietro’s nephew Franco took over in 1941, and after the war the firm began to establish its reputation as a supplier of premium wool and cashmere textiles for a growing haute couture industry, both in Italy and abroad. Now the world’s foremost cashmere processor, Loro Piana prides itself on sourcing the very finest, rarest raw materials the world has to offer, including unique cashmere from baby goats in northern China and Mongolia, vicuña from the Andes, extra-fine Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand and lotus flower fiber from Myanmar. The company draws on both time-honored traditions and state of the art technology to offer its discerning customers products that are renowned for their peerless quality. These Alps & Meters garments aim to carry on the legacy of Italian craftsmanship, and are all handmade in Italy.

Alps & Meters Athletes

Alps & Meters Athletes are trailblazers, excelling in their disciplines while demonstrating a deep love for the mountains, and a passion for our shared values of history, tradition, and authenticity.

Travis Ganong

A veteran of the United States Ski Team, Travis is an FIS World Championship silver medalist, a multi-time winner on the FIS Tour, and long-standing U.S. Olympic Team veteran. Hailing from a bastion of American ski culture, Lake Tahoe California, Travis’ spirit, on-hill prowess, and off-piste tastes reflect Alps & Meters values and our mission to uphold the classic traditions of alpine sport

Ryan Cochran-Siegle

A Vermont native, sharing New England roots with Alps & Meters, Ryan Cochran-Siegle grew up fully immersed in the outdoors. His mother Barbara Ann Cochran, a gold medalist herself, introduced Ryan to skiing at their family owned and community based mountain Cochran’s Ski Area - started by none other than Ryan’s grandparents in Richmond, VT. Growing up on the hill, chasing his older siblings all over the mountain, Ryan’s skills quickly developed to land him a spot on the U.S. Ski Team. Ryan carries on the family tradition, with a résumé that consists of an Olympic silver medal, an FIS downhill win, two FIS podiums, and two Junior World Championships gold medals.


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