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Andrea Leigh Rogers - Just Press Play

When asked to break down the overarching theme of her life into three simple words, Andrea Leigh Rogers says, “Just Press Play.”

“It’s about dreaming big, and then DOING. Pressing play every day and taking continuous action with full-out effort toward that dream. Sleep, repeat.”

Having taken her XTEND brand from a vision in her mind and a feeling in her body to an international phenomenon with licensed live studio classes in 12 countries, over 1,000 certified instructors and hundreds of thousands active participants, it seems ‘Just Press Play’ has proven to be very successful for her indeed.

Rogers love for movement is innate. She started dancing at age 3 and never stopped.

She went on to become a professional dancer and choreographer and spent the early part of her career traveling the world with celebrity performers, dance companies, and most notably, principal dancer for Walt Disney World Co.

Along the way, Rogers was introduced to Pilates for its therapeutic benefits, was drawn to it and became a comprehensive classical certified Pilates trainer. Before long she was weaving dance movements into Pilates fundamentals to create – and share - her own innovative style that became an incredibly effective fitness and health program - XTEND. The brand grew organically as women connected with the moves and began to see amazing results.

Today, XTEND is a strong community of women, athletes, weekend warriors and fitness enthusiasts, seeking a challenge, striving to reach a goal, while supporting and empowering one another every step of the way.

Rogers attributes her success to a few things, the first being to surround herself with talented, smart people.

She tells the story of moving from Florida as a newly single mom of two young girls and a growing, international business - to New York City in 2019 and starting over in terms of a local network.

She worked to surround herself with tenacious, driven people who fueled her, motivated her to be better, and who she looked up to.

“The result is, I am connected with individuals who continually help me to raise my ‘Barre’, and who truly support my goals and value and worth. I now have a super strong network – In NYC and beyond - who help to make me a smarter business owner, a stronger woman, and a better person.”

Another success driver for Rogers is her Results Equation. Consistency + Effort over Time = Results, which she lives by.

“I like to keep things straightforward and give myself simple marching orders and that’s what this equation is. Give full out effort every day – consistently – over time and you’ll get results. Because… why wouldn’t you?”

And finally, she practices her GSD (Get S**t Done) method.

“This is the way I streamline all of the things running around in my head,” she says.

It is a process of determining the top three to five “non-negotiables” for the day. The things that must be done by the end of that day – and then simply moving through them.

“So often we just keep adding to our to do list but aren’t getting the right things done to create real progress in our life. Narrow it down, determine what tasks are going to drive progress, get it done and move on.”

How does someone with such a full plate stay motivated?

“Regarding the idea that motivation takes getting into the right frame of mind, I think there is a better way to spark motivation, I’ve flipped it in my life and it works for me.”

Rogers says motivation starts with action, followed by the results that you achieve from the action (that “high” you get with accomplishing something), which then generates the motivation to continue.

“Motivation comes from doing the hard things, not from creating a mindset. It goes back to just press play. DO, and keep DOING.”

One of the questions she’s asked most about her career and life’s successes is how she manages juggling it all as a single mom of two young girls.

To this, she says, “I don’t think I have found that perfect harmony between work and family, but I work at it every day!”

She says she leans on a good routine and schedule to stay organized and on top of her game. “When I find myself overwhelmed with the ever growing “to-do” list I revisit my own advice – GSD and Just Press Play. The rest falls into place.

At the end of the day, what she calls success when it comes to XTEND is having touched and helped millions to be getter and healthier in their lives.

And of the personal success that continues to drive her, she says “it’s raising two kind, courageous, generous daughters. They are what makes my life extraordinary every day.”


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