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Artonique - A Collector's Revolution

Featuring a growing collection of luxury collectible artworks from some of the art industry’s contemporary heavyweights, Artonique was founded to prove that people don’t need to wade through an opaque antiquated art market and pay large commissions to buy great art.

How is Artonique revolutionizing the high-end art market? Artonique redefines the high-end art market, by bringing the accessibility, exhilaration, transparency, and convenience online. Artonique is revolutionizing the high-end art market by positioning original works of emerging artists from around the world in front of collectors, without the limitations of geographical boundaries. Collectors are able to acquire works by paying a fair price in the most hassle free, transparent way. Expensive art is generally auctioned through prestigious art houses, or sold through close-knit art dealers and hard-to-please galleries. On the flip side, most online art galleries/marketplaces focus on quantity over quality, often featuring works of hobbyists and seasoned professionals side-by-side on their platform. This creates confusion for distinguished buyers and art collectors. Artonique brings the best of both worlds together: our gallery caters to high spending HNWIs and UHNWIs, who value transparency and ease of access to one-of-a-kind original art from vetted, professional artists. These are collectors who value the service we provide and prefer speed of transactions, rather than the social hierarchies that may be prevalent when dealing with art galleries and dealers. With no hidden fees, no buyer premiums, or high commissions, we bring more value and selection than any brick and mortar gallery could possibly provide. At Artonique, we live and breathe our Vision: “To inspire, promote, and provide great art across the world and to transition the industry to a fair, transparent, unbridled model.” How does the platform work? As an artist, and the son of an artist, I am well aware of the creative process involved in making art. It is as rewarding as it is exhausting, and as consuming as it is liberating. We offer our artists a boutique experience. Artists are free to create their works and focus on art, without worrying about the sales process, the uploading of works, or the management of their online portfolios. Our team does everything for them, at no charge. On the collectors’ side, the process is just as simple. We cater to the discerning collectors that seek works that move them. It’s about developing an emotional connection with the work—a spark that makes you say “I must have this!” or something so meaningful, that it fixates you, and leaves you mesmerized. By featuring a constantly growing body of works, we cater to a variety of collector tastes that are looking for their “must have”. There is no buy-in process, no long waitlists, and certainly no opacity. Find great art, and make it yours.

Why does Artonique only sell art $10,000 and over? Artonique caters to the seasoned collector and the tenured artist. We’re the place where you go when you want to purchase a piece of contemporary art from a professional artist who has immense creativity and years of experience, has held countless individual and/or group shows, and has made a prominent and lasting mark in the art world. The $10,000 and up price point is for exclusive one-of-a-kind works made by these artists. These are usually large scale, fascinating works that strike the viewer with a sense of awe. Works that have as many layers of meanings to them as layers of paint, or folds of metal. Something that the artist has worked on tirelessly and utilized their entire faculty doing so. We’re here to bring you the ultra unique. We want to elevate the art culture and encourage artists around the world to create Great Art. Not art for the sake of volume sales, not art for the sake of art, but great, high quality art that stands the test of time. When it comes to collecting art, our research has shown that the average price for a work of Investment-grade Contemporary Art has risen from $26,160 to $27,600, and the median price is $12,500. At $10,000 and up, we capture the bulk of this ever-growing market. We’re as much focused about creating relationships with professional artists, as we are with seasoned and accomplished collectors. Why is now such a lucrative time to invest in art? With the stock markets on a roller coaster, and valuations at an all-time high, many investors are on the sidelines unsure where the market is headed. In addition, the lack of recreational opportunities due to ongoing pandemic has resulted in unutilized cash. People may use that to invest in art which will not only feed their emotion but may also result in healthy appreciation over time. According to Artprice, blue-chip art has outperformed the S&P 500 by 180% from 2000–2018. Furthermore, if we look at the Mei Moses tracker, we will find that less expensive art generates better returns. Artwork bought for less than $50,000 provided mean returns of 7.48% year over year to its investors. That being said, I firmly believe that art should be considered first as a collection, and then as an investment. Collectors may focus on what moves them, what they love and what they truly connect with. Art Basel found that 86% of collectors never end up selling the artworks that they purchase. Tell us more about the kinds of art you feature. Can you describe some of your artists? Artonique has experienced tremendous growth in the last two years, thanks in no small part to the wonderful artists that have joined our platform. We feature paintings, sculptures, photography, and mixed media. From surrealists to realists, and minimalists to abstractionists, we feature the latest and greatest in contemporary art. Chuck Kelton is one of the artists to most recently join Artonique. He started Kelton Labs in the mid-1980s, attracting big-name clients who, by word of mouth alone transformed his lab into a 25-person operation that was operating seven days a week, 20 hours a day. He has held some of the most important negatives in history (from Steven Meisel’s Madonna photographs, Ansel Adams’ “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico” to Alfred Eisenstaedt’s “V-J Day in Times Square”) and has worked with some of the world’s best photographers including Mary Ellen Mark, Danny Lyon and Builder Levy. Kelton makes chemograms and photograms inside the darkroom; transforming light, chemistry and paper into rich abstract landscapes. Both chemograms and photograms are made without the use of cameras or negatives, rendering each print entirely unique. Nezza Tilani’s works are also a new and unique addition to our offering. Part sculpture, part visual art, they are bespoke rocking chairs that function both as a visual masterpiece and a means of therapeutic relaxation. Nezza’s creations bring to us the definition of art meets luxury. Each sculpture she forms is anchored in the core belief that art feeds our souls and triggers our minds far beyond fantasy. Her line of Stuffed Blu rocking chairs brings us back to simpler times, where we would slow down and spend bits of our day relaxing through the therapeutic motion of rocking. Each rocking chair is handmade from start to finish. The designs are created by merging elements from the virtual and physical world. It begins with painting each individual piece, after which the creation is digitalized by forming a collage that is reproduced on embossed velvet. The longevity is then sealed by laminating each piece of velvet, used in the production of her visual masterpieces. Her pieces are widely recognized as that element of exclusivity that we can add to transform the energy of hotels, homes, and workspaces. Why Artonique? A boutique experience, vetted professional artists, secure transaction, complete price transparency, 100% satisfaction guarantee and an ever-growing selection from across the world—we’re solving the collector pain points and bringing them the exhilaration of buying art online. We’re young, hungry, and growing. I am enthusiastic about all the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to register more artists, interact with a global network of collectors, and create strategic alliances with design firms, luxury consultants, and the like. Artonique was created to redefine the high-end art market, and we’re doing just that.

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