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The Barber Shop Cuts and Cocktails Las Vegas

There’s a new modern, experiential barbershop and speakeasy open in Las Vegas. Located near the Las Vegas Boulevard entrance to The Cosmopolitan, The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails will feature the same authentically handcrafted bar that appeared in the hit motion picture film, The Greatest Showman. The standout piece, originating from Kentucky in the 1800s, features a curated barrel-aged whiskey selection, as well as craft beer and other spirits that have stood the test of time. The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails will provide guests with the chance to travel back to an era in which one’s appearance was as strong as their opinions.

Guests are welcomed to kick back in a barber’s chair for a classic cut, beard trim or straight razor shave, all under the helm of master barber Jose Sosa and his nationally renowned grooming team. Sosa, hailing from New York, headed to Las Vegas in 2013 where he positioned himself as a professional concierge barber. Diversifying and mastering his skill set to incorporate barbering, styling and fashion, Sosa has styled some of Las Vegas’ most notable icons. With an eye for detail, Sosa and his talented barbers will provide expert cuts from the grooming menu that range from clean and classic to wild and rebellious, while also offering guests one of the many fine-aged

whiskeys from The Barbershop’s extensive selection. In the evening, The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails will take on a different persona with live entertainment and an extensive cocktail program, featuring a modern take on vintage favorites. Behind the unassuming janitor’s door located within The Barbershop is a secretive and swanky Prohibition-era bar that harkens to the days of bootlegging. The speakeasy, with a hideaway parlor vibe, is a throwback to a time when whiskey and liquor were king, and word of mouth was gold.


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