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Bevolo - Gas & Electric Lights

Since 1945, Bevolo has been manufacturing the highest quality traditional, antique, and custom designed hand-made open-flame copper lanterns, known world-wide for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. We hold true to the belief that old world craftsmanship is what truly makes their fixtures burn for a lifetime. By using the highest-grade materials, the most efficient, patented burners, the finest industry-standard techniques and highly skilled craftsmen, we are able to continue providing their customers with high-quality lanterns that last for generations to come.

Bevolo considers their company to be a part of living history – retaining time honored, old world techniques and craftsmanship while simultaneously introducing the most innovative, efficient technology in the gas lighting industry – and offering lantern styles that range from traditional to modern. They take great care in finding the perfect fixtures for their clients. From a single lantern on a home to restaurants, hotels, developments, and streetlighting, no project is too big or too small. Bevolo’s personalized design service and dedication to the highest level of craft, efficiency, and longevity truly shines above the rest.

Bevolo has 4 unique locations in the heart of the French Quarter and has solely operated out of New Orleans since the company was established in 1945. New Orleans is a exceptionally appropriate city to host their niche business since it was among the first in the country to have urban gas lighting, after Baltimore and Philadelphia, and you can still see its influence throughout the city – giving it a mysterious, alluring atmosphere that is almost transcendent and exudes the feeling that one has stepped back in time. Bevolo’s showrooms also capture this essence and are a memorable experience in themselves – showcasing a collection of their open flame lanterns and vintage/antique lighting in a historic building, in addition to, an opportunity to glimpse their craftsman handcrafting their signature lanterns on-site in their Exchange Alley workshop/museum.

Bevolo is excited to celebrate their 77th anniversary this year. Established in 1945, the brand is deeply rooted in history and tradition. Although they are constantly evolving and developing to stay on trend, they believe that classic design and quality products never go out of style.

Take a bit of Bevolo craftsmanship and beauty wherever you go with these handmade, portable pool house lanterns. Ideal for use in your outdoor living space, these lanterns are designed to be used with large pillar candles to warmly illuminate any area you choose to place them. Group several together for an ambient display, line a pathway or patio, or style with a collection of flowers, seashells, or holiday décor. Offered in four unique styles, multiple sizes, and in copper or stainless steel.


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