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Cable Wine Systems - Floating Wine Rack System

Cable Wine Systems Inc. has created a wine racking system that offers homeowners the option to choose how they display their collection. Made from high-quality stainless steel and chromed brass connecting clamps, the Cable Wine System is as far from the more traditional wine racking as you can get.

When you think of a traditional wine rack, the image of bottles being displayed on wooden shelves and pressed flatly against a wall may come to mind. You might also picture the bottles displayed in a wine cellar located somewhere specific in your house. And although there is nothing wrong with this approach to wine storage, there are now more contemporary wine rack options available.

The creators of the Cable Wine Systems wine racking system were intent on developing a sleek and contemporary wine storage system that would complement and enhance any surrounding materials in a way that was both functional and attractive.

This revolutionary cable wine racking system was developed by a wine cellar company from Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2011 in order to offer their clients an impressive alternative to the more conventional styles of wood and metal wine racking that were available at that time.

Using modern metal wine racks allows homeowners the benefit of seeing the majority of each wine bottle on display, including the label, which makes it easier to spot a specific wine without having to remove the bottle from the display itself. Using metal or steel also complements today’s design trends, which is also an important consideration when selecting a wine racking system.


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