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Can Electric Cars Ever Be Stylish?

When we ask the question, can electric cars ever be stylish? We don’t mean, can they be stylish in isolation. We are comparing them with all the brilliant cars of the past. No one can deny James Bond’s Aston Martin isn’t cool. The Ferrari Roma isn’t made to be stared at for hours on end. And of course, no one can deny that classic American muscle cars don’t make you smile when you hear them peel off. But electric cars are quiet. They don’t need to cool an engine, so they don’t have vents and lines that we are used to seeing. They also appear to be purely for utility, space, and comfort. They don’t have many quirks. So can they be cool like the cars we have known?

Crossovers are cool?

When we think of futuristic cars, we think of cars that have never been seen before. So why do people have an issue with the crossover? We’re talking about the modern SUV, a mix between a sedan and a hatchback. They are short, tall and they can be your daily driver, a family car, or a sporty surprise. Crossovers like the Jaguar i-Pace are showing that yes, crossovers can be cool. They have about a 300-mile range and they have touchscreen central screens so you never need to deal with buttons and knobs again. They give you plenty of head room, lots of internal technology such as 4-way climate control and better air replacement as you drive.

Do wheels matter?

Some day the wheels of futuristic electric cars will be purely aerodynamic because there will be braking systems inside the car itself. Rather than engine braking, you will have something like an energy recharge system which will slow the electric power unit. So the wheel brakes will be smaller and thus, no need for expensive wheels right? Wrong, no car company is going to replace your wheels with a clever cooling system. If you want to replace your wheels, go with Platinum Wheel Repairs where they can fit you for bespoke wheels. You can make your own design or let them use their expertise to make you futuristic psy-fi designs.

The interiors are better

The simple fact of the matter is, electric cars have interiors that have never been thought of before. Take a look at Tesla, which just has a giant screen in the middle with nothing else. It's so open, spacious and airy. You can see they are using LED lighting around the dash now, showing you how far the interior goes and making the edged luminous so as you drive, you can change the mood lighting. The interiors are also much more roomy for passengers, as the usual drive shaft and gearbox are no longer needed.

It's going to take a little bit of time, but eventually electric cars will grow on all of us. They are doing the right thing by focusing on a brand new model like the crossover, but they are also investing in futuristic interiors.


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