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Carol Calicchio - Sharks & The Ocean

How I began my endeavor with sharks as a subject matter was because of the following occurrence. I have always been a nature photographer and captured the likeness of abstract flowers, animals and a landscapes on canvas.

It wasn’t until I recently tried to get into a very significant gallery in Miami where 20,000 artists have tried to get in but only 20 have made it through the door.

The galleries said to me if you give me something other then flowers we will consider taking you but it’s unlikely.

So with that I decided to go for a swim in the ocean and meditate on the beach.

It was about 5:00 the sun was setting in south florida. It was a magnificent day and the water was warm, calm and perfectly clear. I went in up to my chest and started to relax trying to think of a great subject matter when suddenly a large dark object began approaching me from a 45 degree angle at a very fast pace under water. I could see the outline and knew right away from its size anf movements that it was a shark. It was hovering along the bottom, bits of sand kicked up and glitter shone in the setting sun.

I didn’t feel afraid even when it circled me I knew it was just curious so I remained calm. It appeared to be a large lemon shark but it was hard to tell. After it swam off I quickly ran out of the water dried off and rode my golf cart home. I immediately began painting my shark series. It was very exciting, the energy and new technique is working to keep my work fun.


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