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CastleGrade™-Superior, Sustainable, Reusable

The CastleGrade™ G-Series Masks are reusable respirator masks designed for everyday use. The silicone mask base naturally forms a self-suction seal that doesn’t fog up your glasses and allows for high breathability. The mask has no valves or vents and filters air in both directions on inhale and exhale. The mask is comes with 5 replaceable 4-ply filters that can be each used for up to 32 hours of direct use or 1 week of casual use.

Each G-Series Mask uses a replaceable 4-ply filter that has been tested to block microparticles at over 95% efficacy. The mask has no valves. Air is filtered in 2 directions, on both inhale and exhale.

The CastleGrade G-Series Masks use a patent-pending design made from a soft, form-fitting silicone base. The natural self-suction offers a seal superior to surgical or cloth masks, while providing more comfort than N95 masks.

Single-use plastics and protective gear is a problem. That's why CastleGrade strives to have their products truly embody a mindset of sustainability. The G-Series masks are reusable, thereby decreasing overall waste and minimizing the impact on our environment. CastleGrade filters are custom-fitted to the G-Series Masks and should be replaced either weekly or after 32 hours of direct use.


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