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Chosen Family Wines - For the Great Moments in Life

At Chosen Family Wines, each bottle is a special symphony of a time, region, technique, and unique barrel select that reflects the distinct palette of our chosen family.

Created by Channing Frye, Chase Renton, Jacob Gray, and Kevin Love, they believe in doing things the right way, with purpose, respect, and compassion. They believe in taking time to celebrate the best life has to offer, and giving the best you’ve got. It’s what brought them where they are today and what continues to bring them back together.

Chosen Family Wines is the culmination of that effort. We invite you to take a seat at our table, and toast to the greatness in the world. Ultimately, we invite you to drink great wine, in great moments.

Elevated: What initiated this journey to create a wine that connects people to each other?

Chosen Family Wines: Our collective love for wine and wanting to share that journey with our friends and family was the genesis for Chosen Family Wines. On the back of each bottle it says, Friendship is our Foundation, Passion is our Purpose and Wine is our Connector. These ethos help drive our brand, business and outlook on life!

What have been some of your most popular collaboration wines?

That is a great question, our backbone is in the Willamette Valley of Oregon so we are known for killer Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, but we have seen great reactions to our syrah & rose so far. We have a few more collaborations in the works that we think people will be really excited about!

What does the name Chosen Family Wines mean, and how does it encompass the brand’s mission?

Time is a luxury that you can’t buy more of. So we all are working towards spending more quality time with the people that mean the most to us. Whomever you find yourself opening that special bottle of wine for or having incredible memories centered around food, wine and great conversation, those are your Chosen Family. Take note and make sure to share the best of the best with those people!

What are the benefits of “Joining the Family” through Chosen Family Wines subscription packages?

Chosen Family is unique in that we are making amazing small batch wines from a few different world class wine regions and also focusing on delivering really good daily drinkers, joining our family, gives you first access to all these things as well as some really cool merch, content and events along the way. We want to make sure that the people that go on this journey with us fall in love with wine and the beauty it can bring to you and your chosen family as it has ours!

What would you envision as a perfect way to enjoy Chosen Family Wines?

Drink with your favorite people, pair with your favorite music, meal, stories and let the good life unfold!!

Are there any new labels on the horizon that we should look out for?

Absolutely, we are constantly working towards creating memorable wines, from memorable places, made by memorable people. We got bubbles (traditional champagne method) on their way, Napa cab, some Sangiovese from Italy as well as our hallmark Willamette Valley Wines. Hopefully this epic wine journey is just beginning!


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