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Christopher Martin - Expanding Horizons

Christopher Martin Gallery from Aspen and Dallas is proud to announce its imminent expansion plans in Colorado and Texas. In late December 2021, the gallery is opening its third location in the resort town of Vail. The new gallery in Vail Village, 4,000 square feet in size, is spread over two floors. In early January 2022, the gallery will open its fourth location in Houston, Texas. The new space, 2,000 square feet in size, will be on a gallery row in Colquitt Street. The gallery plans to bring its program that focuses on exhibiting paintings, photography, and sculpture by a select group of mid-career artists with dedicated studio practices.

This winter season, discover the wonder of Vail. Let the majesty of the mountains surround you and feel the crisp fresh air in your lungs. Disconnect from your everyday life and reconnect with your friends and family. As you stroll on cobblestone streets, treat yourself to a visit to the Christopher Martin Gallery. In there, discover the large-scale abstract paintings of Christopher Martin. Martin paints directly onto the verso of acrylic surfaces. His paintings take an interpretive view of natural patterns and are often described as bold and meditative, dynamic and serene. Through his paintings, Martin seeks to create an organic development of form, depth, and color, working together to create a unique expression. Martin established his first studio in Dallas in 1995, where he reached notoriety among corporate and private collectors. He now makes his home in Aspen, with a serene backdrop of coniferous trees, crisp air, and expansive outdoor space. Nature is as much a part of his daily life as it is part of his work.

Also, showing at the Galleries, you will find the Rodeo photography of Steve Wrubel. The artist uses modern advances in photography to stop the action of those on horse or bull riding. Taking away the visually distracting backgrounds at the tournaments, Wrubel shows the beautiful dance hidden in Rodeo’s wild nature. His images invite the viewer to deep introspection. Each print is unique, each moment is fleeting, but in their capture, we now hold a treasure: a new icon of American Mythology. 2022 will also see the opening of the gallery’s fourth location in Houston. The gallery is proud to be part of Houston’s exciting art scene at Colquitt Street in early January 2022. According to Michael Agresta from Travel+Leisure Magazine, Houston now rivals cities like New York, Washington, Chicago, or Los Angeles as one of the art world cities in the United States. “With the opening of the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston in 2021, the city has confirmed its status as a cosmopolitan art mecca”. The Christopher Martin Gallery looks forward to making a dent in Houston’s dynamic art scene.

This winter season, the four Galleries will also feature shows for abstract painter Jeff Muhs; hyperrealist photographer Ysabel LeMay; celular painter Kinga Czerska; expedition photographer Mital Patel; and contemporary painter Monica Perez. Also on view will be the exquisite marble sculptures of Paul Bloch; the acrylic constructions of Jean-Paul Khabbaz; the whimsical bronze sculptures of David Middlebrook; the self-portrait photography creations of Isabelle Van Zeijl; and the memory inspired paintings of Ian Kimmerly. The gallery’s winter program seeks to cross a threshold between contemplation, inspiration, meaning, and execution. These artists celebrate man’s interaction with nature in both spiritual and tangible ways. Informed by Martin’s paintings, the featured exhibitions of paintings, photography, and sculptures offer the viewer a glimpse into a curated life, a sense of wholeness, beauty, and connection to our natural world. The resulting synergy among these artists’ focused practices is the seminal force to develop their careers and expand their collector base. The new Vail Gallery is located at 100 #. Meadow Street. The new Houston Gallery address is 2625 Colquitt Street. More information available at


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