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Creating Stylish Bachelor Pad Ideas In Your New Home

Bachelor pads have a reputation of being rugged, too leathery, bare, and mostly unkempt. However, there is a new trend emerging among single men who love to have stylish homes to complement their lifestyle. In 2020, 11% of first-time homeowners were single American men, while 9% were repeated buyers. If you are purchasing a new home in 2021 as a bachelor, here are some great ideas you could employ to achieve that positive bachelor effect.

1. Find the perfect home first

It can be stressful and exciting, looking for the ideal space to call home. For some men, that living space could very well be any four-walled room with a roof, a bed, and a large TV set. However, most modern men are very discerning and thoughtful regarding their decor and requirements. Today’s bachelors look to purchase that perfect home with some space dedicated to total bachelor freedom. If you're at that point in your life, why not create a list or pinterest portfolio with the must-haves for your ideal property.

As a tip, you will find an incredible house and land for sale at The Grove. This residential community features a variety of pre-built homes for prospective buyers. As an extension of its property-owning services, The Grove also has lands you will find suitable to start planning your dream home. You have these options at your disposal to make it easy to decide on what works best for you.

2. Use oversized sofas

So now, you finally have that new home, and it's time to put your bachelor's spin on it. How do you begin with your interior design? Remember that because you desire to infuse the 'unmarried man' vibe into your creations, there are some rules to abide by. Begin with your sofa and other furniture pieces. Because bigger is sometimes better, consider going really big on sofas. An oversized couch creates a grandeur illusion that radiates into the entire space.

Your best bet should be leather because it's classy, durable, easier to clean, comfortable, and evokes masculinity. Besides, you'll definitely be having the boys over for Friday and Saturday night drink-ups, and you'll need this large leather sofa to lounge on. It would help to go for rich, darker tones to create the perfect stylish bachelor pad.

3. An impressive bedroom with a refined design

Your bedroom is that intensely personal space that contributes to your overall sleeping patterns. How do you make it stylish and manly at the same time? As with the oversized sofa mentioned earlier, your bed should also be huge - if space allows. Besides its size, you should have a firm but comfortable mattress that supports your back and rejuvenates your body when you wake up. In addition to these two, it is an absolute requirement to have a headboard to evoke that classic bachelor style. For your bedding, solid colors such as striped grey and white are excellent choices. However, be minimal with textured bedding.

Apart from these ideas, a variety of entertaining electronics will make your new home an attractive spot for the boys and even female friends. And as 2021 progresses, your bachelor pad-infused home should not be a style orphan.


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