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Cryptograph - Made by Icons, Owned by You

Cryptograph officially launched July 6, 2020 and since has been making waves in the crypto world, on its way to be a market leader in blockchain based digital collectible with its innovative philanthropic fundraising system. With blockchain technology, we can now turn digital content into a collectible and tradable asset. We are witnessing the beginnings of a new content model for the internet, not purely based on likes and views but also on value and ownership. Cryptograph’s goal is to become the primary platform for collectible digital content on the Internet.

Cryptographs are an entirely new asset class of collectibles that users can invest in, trade and collect. Individuals can own one-off digital works made by the biggest pioneers in crypto and celebrities alive today. Cryptograph has already successfully launched digital auctions with celebrities, actors, artists and crypto world leaders, inclusive of Vitalik Buterin, Adrien Brody, Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Seth Green, Kristin Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, David Arquette, Eve, Retna, Gregory Sif, Alec Monopoly and more. The auctions have benefitted Global Wildlife Conservation, Oxygen Seven, Meals on Wheels, Australia Reforestation, COVID-19 relief and other incredible organizations.

Cryptograph was founded by a team of entrepreneurs, impact investors and blockchain pioneers who share a joint interest in using technology to do good, inclusive of Hugo McDonaugh (Who also serves as Cryptograph’s CEO), Edouard Bessire, Guillaume Gonnaud, Anthony John Bryan and Tommy Alastra. We interviewed the founders to give insight into this revolutionary platform.

How do we see Cryptograph leading in the crypto world?

Hugo McDonaugh: We want Cryptograph to become the world’s leading publishing, auctioning, trading and discovery platform for the new market of collectible digital assets. Giving creators a new way to truly realize the intrinsic value of their work over the long term and giving collectors something special and historical that they truly own. We intend on achieving all of this whilst at the same redefining the way philanthropy is done forever by bringing charitable giving and fundraising into the future.

How is Cryptograph the future of digital content?

Tommy Alastra: Today digital content is all based on followers, likes, and views and it is monetized by selling attention (Youtube, Instagram etc) or access (Netflix, Pateron etc). Now, imagine a world where digital scarce content can be truly owned by the creator and available to the public. Creators would be entitled to artist friendly compensation on primary and secondary markets unlike the current marketplace. Each cryptograph is its own collection of unique digital assets that cannot be counterfeited, with each bid and transaction immortalized on the blockchain via smart contract on etherscan creating real-time accountability and transparency. Blockchain technology allows for transparency and accountability that traditional broker / dealer relationships have made difficult to account for. This new opportunity for digital, decentralized scarcity in content is what we at Cryptograph find extremely exciting and the vision of a new digital world where the value of content is not just based on likes and views but rather real ownership and scarcity. This is just one aspect of what we are working towards and where we believe the future is headed. We at Cryptograph want to help build this future and at the same time find a new way of inspiring ingenuity . sustainability and overall creativity in all sectors from art, music, business, lifestyle and tech with philanthropy at the core of all of it.

What makes Cryptograph a unique platform for luxury collectors?

Hugo McDonaugh: We are creating historical one-of-a-kind digital collectibles made by some of the world’s most renowned icons and artists that exist forever and perpetually raise funds for good causes. Every piece is 1 of 1 and therefore absolutely scarce and the creators of these pieces are global icons. Plus if you participate in bidding and then you get outbid you make a financial return so even if you are not lucky enough to win and own a Cryptograph you still have fun, make a return and do some good! This is what makes Cryptograph unique and why luxury collectors are enticed to what the platform has to offer.

What trends do you currently see in the Cryptosphere?

Edouard Bessire: Definitely one of the big trends I’m seeing at the moment in the Cryptosphere is the growth of the DeFi space (Decentralised finance) primarily on Ethereum. Where we are seeing liquidity in these markets beginning to significantly increase and we are seeing many people and organisations experiment with what is possible within DeFi as we now start to see things like yield farming, governance tokens, decentralized exchanges and stablecoins really begin to take off.

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