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David Drebin - Femme Fatale

A graduate of Parsons School of Design in NYC, David Drebin is a multidisciplinary artist working in various art forms producing limited edition works including Photographs, Lightboxes, Neon Light Installations, Diamond Dust works, and more. Following his first solo exhibition at Camera Work in Berlin in 2005 and the release of his first comprehensive illustrated book “Love and Other Stories” in 2007, Drebin experienced a stream of worldwide representation by some of the finest galleries globally.

Drebin’s artworks also known as “Drebins” are unique and instantly recognizable as his own. His artistic style is often described as epic, dramatic, and, above all, cinematic. Drebin has released seven books with teNeues publishing including “The Morning After”, Beautiful Disasters”, “Chasing Paradise”, “Dreamscapes”, “Love and Lights”, “Before They Were Famous” and most recently released “Collectors Edition”, an oversized limited edition monograph created as a gift to the collectors of his works around the world. His work combines voyeuristic and psychological viewpoints in a unique manner, offering the viewer a dramatic insight into emotions and experiences which many of us have doubtlessly felt at some point in our lives. Instagram: @DavidDrebin


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