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Different Types of Luxury Property

There’s more than one way to rise to the top. That’s because everyone has their own version of what ‘rising to the top’ looks like. Some people like the traditional side of luxury; for others, it’s all about the modern twist. This is true for all aspects of luxury. For example, you can go for a classic Porsche, or you can go for a new Bugatti Veyron. Both are fine vehicles, but they express their fineness in different ways. The same principle applies to homes. There’s no one ‘luxury house’ to have. There are many. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the most common examples of luxury properties that attract people with plenty of cash in the bank.

The High Rise

Luxury doesn’t have to mean tons of space. Or perhaps it does, but it’s all relative. In some corners of the world, a luxury property is smaller in size than the properties that most other people live in, in other parts of the globe. But does that make them any less desirable? No way, not to some people. For example, most people would love to have a high rise in Manhattan, ideally somewhere in Midtown. Those properties will set you back many millions of dollars, but it would be worth it for the sheer exclusivity of the apartment.

The Rural Ranch

On the other hand, what some people really want is space -- and not just more than your average, but a lot, a lot of space. Not for nothing do so many millionaires look to The Cowboy State to scout out their luxury Wyoming ranches for sale. Of course, when you buy a ranch in a rural area, you’re getting much more than just a property. You’re also getting plenty of space to call your own, too. If you get a horse, then you’d have days and days of exploring -- all on your own land.

The High Potential Project

Although rare, every once in a while, you find a property that has all the foundations to truly become something special. Maybe, for example, the house is old and dated, but with some money behind it, you could turn it into something magnificent. It could be the location, it could be a view, it could be anything, but when you have the right property and enough money to invest in it, then you're looking at something beautiful. Auctions have been a steady provider of these types of properties; the question is which auctions to attend without wasting your time? It might be worthwhile to check out Concierge Auctions reviews if you're looking for something with high potential to become something truly luxurious.

The History Home

Some people want space. Some people want exclusivity in one of the best neighborhoods in the world. For others, it’s all about history. A connection to the past is important for many reasons, and feeling this connection isn’t just something that you have to experience from afar. You can live the history, too. At sites like, you can find historic homes that date back to the 1800s. There’s something about living in a home that’s not only luxurious and beautiful, but which also comes with a lot more character than most homes.

The LA Hills Feel

Finally, there’s the LA hills type of property. These are more modern in decor and come with plenty of space. Even if the homes are relatively modern, some of the streets in the area are iconic -- there’s something extremely appealing about saying you live on the road where Marlon Brando used to live, for instance. In general, the decor is modern and bright, and there’s a big emphasis on the outdoor space. You’ve got to have a pool when you live in the hills!


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